Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Flowers: Jenny's Orchids

These beautiful orchids were given to a patient of mine as a gift this Easter. I paid little attention to the many orchids for sale in the stores this past month as they were expensive and tattered looking. This plant was beautiful and fresh and gave Jenny such pleasure. I know very little about orchids. Julie Zickefoose has written a couple of posts about them this week and if you want to learn about more, follow this link and this link.

My real Friday Flower is Jenny. This lovely lady has been in the hospital for six months now recovering from an accident that left both her legs badly broken. She had extensive surgery and has had a variety of appliances and casts on her legs. At the end of last week she was finally given the go ahead by her surgeon to start putting weight on her legs. We helped her stand for the first time on Monday and each day small gains are being made towards learning to walk again. Jenny is used to being active and independent and is interested in flowers and gardening. I think I would be far less patient than she is, watching spring arrive and being unable to enjoy walking and working in the fresh air.

Spring is a time of rebirth and regeneration. Our bodies have a tremendous capacity for repair, especially after injuries to bones and muscles. Determination and a positive attitude can unlock a healing potential that often surprises me.

This post is a get well wish for Jenny, a wish that hastens the day when she can walk out of the hospital and returns to the life she left last fall. If anyone can do it, she can!


  1. I'm sending my get well wishes along to Jenny- she's in my prayers today. Ruth, I so look foreward to reading your posts with my morning coffee. Your words and thoughts never fail to inspire me. Thank you- :)

  2. Jenny is lucky to have you as an inspiration, Ruth! I have the same wishes for her.

    I hope Jenny sees this post.

  3. The very best wishes to Jenny. Attitude is half the battle so it sounds like she'll do well. The orchid is spectacular! I saw one today at the Big Blue Hardware store and almost "rescued" it, but was too scared I'd kill it from neglect!

  4. Tell Jenny the friends out in the blogosphere are saying--get well soon.
    And thanks for the lovely flower.

  5. We should all be so lucky to have someone like you to help us if we end up in a similar situation some day.

  6. Hope Jenny continues to do well.

    Lovely pics of the orchid!

  7. I'm thinking both you and Jenny are blessed to have each other in this journey of healing.

    Your comments about having a positive approach are interesting. With your experience I have to believe that you're seeing real effects from the mind's power. Awesome.

    Warm wishes for Jenny's continued progress.

    The orchid picture is so lovely.

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments and good wishes for Jenny. I am going to print this post with the comments and give it to her. I showed her the post on the computer yesterday, and she could hardly believe her beautiful orchids were on the internet!


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