Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fallen Leaves- A Robert Service Poem

Fallen Leaves
Why should I be the first to fall
Of all the leaves on this old tree?
Though sadly soon I know that all
Will lose their hold and follow me.
While my birth-brothers bravely blow,
Why should I be first to go?

Why should I be the last to cling
Of all the leaves on this bleak bough?
I've fluttered since the fire of Spring
And I am worn and withered now.
I would escape the Winter gale
And sleep soft-silvered by a snail.

When swoop the legions of the snow
To pitch their tents in roaring weather
We fallen leaves will lie below
And rot rejoicingly together;
And from our rich and dark decay
Will laugh our brothers of the May.
Robert Service
Robert Service (1874-1958) came to Canada from Britain as a young man. He worked as a bank clerk in the Yukon and wrote many poems and stories about the Canadian North. We read his famous poem, "The Cremation of Sam McGee" in public school. These pictures were taken in the past week.


  1. I love the poem and the pictures are fantastic.

  2. Most Perfect! To be the first or the last.

  3. Very nice! Falls is so just can not go wrong with a the lovely colours it brings. I really like the collage of oak leaves...very stunning!

  4. Enjoyed the poem.

    What an inviting pathway.

  5. I am quite surprised to note the author. When I read the title, my mind inserted Frost for Service. I didn't really notice Service until the end of the poem.

  6. Anonymous5:21 pm GMT-5

    I loved Sam McGee. I had to memorize it in grade 7 and my childhood friend and I were just reciting it the other week! Crazy.

  7. Robert W. Service has been one of my favorite poets since I was a child. I have his complete works as well as several first editions of individual collections and I treasure them all.

    Like you, I read "The Cremation of Sam McGee" in school. After such a piece, I was surprised to find how poignant and beautiful many of his poems are. Thank you for sharing his words with your lovely photographs.

  8. I'm with Anvilcloud. I thought it was Robert Frost too!

  9. Thanks for your comments. Robert Service was a prolific poet and this poem (and style) is not his trademark. Here are all his poems on Poem Hunter.


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