Sunday, September 25, 2011

Changing Seasons

What doesn't belong in this picture?

We drove north of the city this first weekend of autumn to get apples and passed this Old Order Mennonite meeting house. A large funeral service was underway and it was odd to see a car parked between the horses. A row of black cars lined the gravel roadway and at the bend in the road, a large yellow school bus was parked at the edge of a field, undoubtedly hired to bring mourners from another county. The 85 year old man who died had a family service in his home and was then moved to the meeting house for another service and burial in the cemetery. I listened to the congregation sing in four part harmony with no musical instruments as the horses snorted and pawed at the ground outside.

Fall is in the air and the trees are starting to turn to red, orange and gold. Nights are cool and mist rises from the warm ground in the early morning. Apples hang heavy on branches in the orchard and Cortlands, my favourite applesauce variety, are finally available. We carried away pie pumpkins, fresh squash and plums from the farm stand which was decorated with bright pots of mums.

Early fall colour above the apple orchard

The meadows have their own special fall hues with yellow goldenrod alongside purple and white asters. Monarch butterflies gather on the blossoms as they begin their long journey south. Even with shortening days and the surety of five months of ice and snow ahead, I enjoy autumn more than summer (definitely more than winter). There is certainty in the cycle of seasons...rebirth, growth, harvest and death in a world that seems uncertain economically and politically. Life has its ups and downs but it is a wise person who lets go, patiently sits back and allows things unfold as they should.


  1. Fall is a beautiful time of year.

  2. This is a very moving post, Ruth! And, I especially agree with your description of a wise person.

  3. Don't really like winter either, but will try to let it roll over me. Good counsel. Thank you.

  4. It's been beautiful in The Valley lately as well. I'll agree with you about prefering fall to summer if we can limit it to early fall.

  5. Beautiful scenery-even with the cars.I like the wise person saying-but living that way on a daily basis is not always easy.

  6. Lovely post. I enjoy early fall too and have about 8 pots of mums on my front lawn. Hope you make lots of pumpkin pies!

    You're right. It is strange to see a car in amongst the horses.

  7. We were having balmy temperatures in the mid 20s but Sunday afternoon the temps started to drop. Tonight it is clear, windy and cold ... I wonder how cold it WILL get. I brought in most of my tender stuff yesterday already and today made green tomato mincemeat.

    It takes a LOT to sit back and patiently let things unfold but it is the best course of "action".

  8. Fall is my favorite season as well. Love the colors, the temperature and the peacefulness. With the hot summer we have had...I'm looking forward to some cooler temperatures of winter.

    Great photos of the Amish. Strange to see a car parked in along side the buggys and a white one at that.

  9. Interesting to see the Mennonite funeral with a car present. Perhaps that sect is changing a bit with the seasons.


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