Monday, April 01, 2013

April Fools Day

One of these event photos is my April Fools Day trick. What did I NOT do today??

I went shopping at an American chain store in Canada with my daughter before she drove back to Ottawa.

I braved blizzard conditions and a breath-taking north wind for three hours at an almost deserted conservation area. The sun appeared between snow showers but the wind prevailed.

I saw my first Meadowlark and Song Sparrow of the season. A Sandhill Crane flew above me into the sun. There were no Bluebirds or Tree Swallows, but then, there were no flying insects either.

I came across a few clumps of blooming Snowdrops along a sheltered and southerly facing section of a trail.

Autumn and Spring met together in this photo. Several times I thought I saw a bird flying by but it was only a leaf in the wind.

I came home and cleaned the house from top to bottom, gathering a pail full of dog hair before garbage day tomorrow.


  1. ALl of them could be possibilities. I say,you didn't clean the house from top to bottom. Just a guess,probably because that is the one I wouldn't have done.

  2. Ha! I agree with Ruth - that's the last thing I would have done too!
    Nice pic of the birds, particularly that silhouette of the sand crane and bright yellow of the meadowlark.

  3. p.s. - I meant that would have been the thing I Did Not Do. LOL!

  4. Could only be shopping or housework that I'd leave out of the days equation.

  5. Ruth, I agree with everyone else, leave the shopping or cleaning behind and get outside!

  6. Glad to see that I am not the only one who prefers being outdoors to cleaning my house! Shopping is also low on my list of priorities but I did check out the new Target store with my daughter.


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