Monday, May 19, 2014

Winter Springs to Summer

The beginning of May and October are my favourite times of year, seasons of transition, colour and beauty. Spring is unpredictable and sometimes rushes by with its succession of introductions and openings. This year rain and fog shrouded several days of soft greens and quiet blooms. This week we finally squeezed in our annual spring walk through the woods while there was a severe weather watch in place and large thunder heads intermittently blocked the sun.

It was a long, hard winter and some warm, artistic soul yarn bombed some trees along the trail. They either really hated the blankets or really loved the trees.

All the spring ephemerals were blooming at the same time this year instead of spreading their charm over three or four week.


Trout Lily...

May Apples...

Marsh Marigold...

Jack in the Pulpit...

and Trilliums. We come year after year to admire the carpet of white.

Raven is now three years old and behaves well off leash with us. It was almost 30 C on this humid afternoon as she stopped to rest by this knoll covered with Trilliums. Wild Ginger is growing at the edge of the trail where she is sitting and its blooms are at the base of the stems, covered with dead leaves.

I rode through the bush again today, five days after these photos were taken. Most of the flowers are finished and the leafy canopy has closed off much of the light. Ferns are growing rapidly and in a short time mosquitoes will keep me away from these trails until there is a fall frost.

Happy Victoria Day!


  1. Too bad that spring lasts for only such a short time.There is so much beauty,as your pictures show.

  2. The flowers are beautiful. Too bad they don't last longer. Raven looks like he's in his element.

  3. You know your flowers as well as birds.


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