Saturday, January 02, 2010

Resolving to make the best choice

Last year I resolved to simplify and in the end, did get rid of far more than I accumulated. Many of us complicate our lives with more than possessions and it takes constant effort to focus on what is important emotionally and spiritually.

Yes, I have made some resolutions for 2010. We have much knowledge about many things yet often lack the resolve to make the best choice based on what we know to be true. Things do happen which are beyond our control, but each day is full of choices we can make...

what to say
what to write
what to wear
what to eat
what to buy
where to go
who to spend time with

So for 2010, my touchstone words are "best choice". Perhaps I will share my successes and failures in time. Resolutions are best talked about when they have become a reality in our lives.

I took the picture above on New Years Day. My sister-in-law made a delicious healthy meal and had fresh fruit as well as small chocolate covered cheesecakes after the meal. Choices, choices... I made a good one!


  1. Oooo--if only all choices were so tasty!
    I sort of don't make resolutions--and sort of do. I make them from time to time throughout the year, as the urge strikes me.

  2. Did you make the best tasting and most satisfying choice though? You know what I would have chosen, I'll bet.

  3. Best Choices---that sounds like an interesting year ahead.I know I could benefit from some better choices at times.

  4. My "best choice" would be ONE of each.
    Good luck with this. Guess a new year prompts us to think of changes.

  5. Such a beautiful photo and so yummy looking too!

    I'm resolving to be more patient with others and with myself.

  6. Such a great path to choose in way of a resolution. Those words really cover all areas of life don't they?! I love the looks like you could just pick something right up and eat it! I have to admit I probably would've had both :)

  7. Indeed, so many things are all about our choices and being in control of them. Being conscious of them is the key. No choice for me... the fruit, hands down. :c)

  8. Well done you, your body will thank you for making an excellent decision. I speak as a healthy eater......

    Thought choices.......covers a huge area.

  9. I like the kinds of resolutions you make. So much less wordy than mine, when I make them! Good for you on choosing the best choice. I'm trying to make similar good choices.

    I love living in modern times when the fruit in our market is so delicious, even in winter. :)


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