Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Winter is not over but...

Unseasonably warm temperatures and sunshine are fooling us into believing that spring arrived on the first of March. I prefer to call the weather a treat rather than a trick. I start work as early as possible in order to leave in time to enjoy some day time hours outdoors. The melting snow turned many trails into mudholes so I frequent this one with the dry boardwalk. A female Mallard duck thought it was a good place for a walk too.

Snowmen are melting, migrating Trumpeter Swans are on the river, and cyclists are in shirt sleeves and bare legs. Hardy Canadians start wearing shorts when the temperature rises to a balmy 5C. Birds are visible, very audible and busy with territorial pursuits and mating behaviour.

The little duck on the boardwalk came right up to my feet to greet me. Happy Spring to you! Winter will have a few more gasps but we know its days are numbered.


  1. Scenes like these are encouraging.Let's just enjoy the milder days when we have them.

  2. Mexico Mom.11:33 pm GMT-5

    Loved this blog and the duck at your feet almost was saying an "Amen" to
    Right now we are in Houston, TX and the weather here is colder than you are right now in Kitchener. In the rain and fog we have a hard time seeing birds, but we are on a migratory path.

  3. Shorts when it's 5 degrees?? I am shivering just contemplating that one! Love your mother duck taking a walk. ;c)

  4. The sweet smell of spring! Walking sure is easier these days, I have left the winter boots on the shelf, for now, because I agree old man winter will have one more blast for us.
    I love Miss Duck at your feet, probably looking for handouts.

  5. It's been an amazing run, and it doesn't seem to be over.

  6. I think we really are in for an early spring this year. Winter is not over, but - it's been so warm and sunny - just perfect!
    Love your bird pics.

    We are in for some rain, but it will melt the rest of the snow.

  7. Anonymous6:09 pm GMT-5

    In Europe it's still winter even with snow. What happened that Canada has got tropical weather?
    I find 5C ok for shorts, as I always wear shorts even in winter.

  8. This has been an exceptionally warm winter for Canada. I know Europe and the south have been colder than usual. Today (Mar 11) it was 13C and the normal for the day is 3C.

  9. Great post and photos, it is nice to see signs of spring. Love the mallard shot.

  10. Beautiful photos Ruth. The shot of the female Mallard on the boardwalk is priceless. Enjoy the great weather while you can ;-)

  11. Mallards seem to be friendly around people although I have seen a few viscious fights between the ducks themselves. Nice collection of photos.


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