Monday, April 26, 2010

Two become One...almost

Today is our 35th wedding anniversary and we spent some time on the weekend in the Niagara region together to celebrate. It seems like yesterday that I was 35 years old and today I am trying to account for the 20 years which have really passed by so quickly.

In the lovely historic town of Niagara on the Lake, a large fruit tree stands on the boulevard of King Street on the way down to the lake front. It was covered in pink and white blooms and the contrast was eyecatching.

Years ago someone grafted two trees together and while they now stand as one, the graft is still visible. Once the flowers are finished, a casual observer may not even notice that this tree is unusual.

Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

King and Queen Streets intersect in the centre of town where the Prince of Wales Hotel stands. The signs share one pole but I noticed that Queen Street was the main street. In our city, King Street is the main street one monarch is not really supreme over the other all the time.

Grandma was of staunch Empire Loyalist ancestory, people loyal to Britain who came to Upper Canada from America after the Revolutionary War. Every summer she would take my cousins and I to Queenston Heights for a picnic and we would later drive up to see the falls. A battle in the War of 1812 was fought here and General Brock was killed in the fight against the Americans. This three year war was fought during the time of the Napoleonic Wars in Europe and is largely forgotten as neither the Americans or the British colonies lost any territory. Canada was not even a nation at this time, but in Ontario, school children visit the old forts and battlefields and learn that we won this trade and boundary dispute.

Queenston Heights overlooking the Niagara River

This monument to Laura Secord stands near the large Brock Monument at Queenston Heights and overlooks the Niagara River as it divides Canada and United States. Laura Secord is a hero as she crossed the front to warn General Brock of the impending American attack. Since the end of this war, the Canada-USA border has been peaceful line for nearly 200 years.

Flowers of a different colour, king or queen, or a blue river as a defining line, we do not have to be the same to get along and work together as a unit. A good marriage takes effort, trust, commitment and respect for our unique traits. I am thankful for the love of a husband who has helped make our marriage work, a man who is generous and faithful and respects the differences we bring to our relationship.


  1. We also went to Niagara for our 35th. Just a few weeks later than this, six years ago.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...enjoy your day.

    Vern and I also have a anniversary on May 1..we will be married 36 years. It seems like it wasn't that long ago we were starting out our lives together and the children were young.On the whole it has been good years and looking foreward to more good years(a easier moving body might be nice though)

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! The years do indeed go by so quickly...

  4. Happy Anniversary, Ruth! This is so so beautiful. And beautiful relationships ought to be celebrated, no?

    :-) I can't help but wish the very same for my own parents on their anniversary. This is awesome.

    Lots of love,

  5. Happy Anniversary Ruth....and many more!

  6. Happy Anniversary Ruth. 35 years is a long time accomplishment for two committed people. Love will carry us thru.

  7. Happy anniversary, Ruth and husband.
    A grafted tree is an apt metaphor for a marriage--two individual identities, mingling, becoming something different yet retaining traits of what was originally there.
    May you have many more happy years together.

  8. Congratulations! 35 years is a long time -and apparently well spent together. Love Niagara region in the spring with all the blossoms!

  9. Mexico Mom & Dad3:42 pm GMT-4

    A thoughtful and loving post. Marriage is a covenant relationship and both sides, you and Tim have successfully blended to be a married couple and best friends.

    Love Dad & Mom

  10. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pictures of Niagara...SO lovely there :) When I was little I was told that Laura Secord snuck across a big fight to warn that the enemy was coming. FOREVER all I could picture was a pioneer woman crawling through a boxing ring in the middle of a boxing! Through the eyes of a chiild I guess! Congrats on so many years together!

  11. Happy anniversary.May you continue on falling in love all over again every day.

  12. Happy that you are able to celebrate your life together-congrats!
    Colorful pics with the white and red!

  13. Congratulations!!!!!! I didn't go to Niagara for my anniversary. I went with a bunch of singles in 1976, which was 35 years ago. We were on our way to NY. May be I saw you in the wedding whites. LOL

  14. Thanks everyone for you best wishes. We were married in 1975, Ann. And Tanya, your image of our dear hero Laura Secord is hilarious.

  15. Happy anniversary! Very nice post. Love the analogies!

  16. A belated Happy Anniversary Ruth. 35 years is certainly something to be proud about. :c)


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