Sunday, December 19, 2010

Old Christmas Cards

We pull Grandma's Christmas scrapbook out of the crawl space each year along with the other decorations. Many of the pages had torn out of the binding and I reinforced all of them this month, hopefully extending the life of the old book. Grandma meticulously pasted clippings and old cards in the scrapbook over many years and I enjoy re-reading them. Here are two cards, each over 100 years old. Grandma would have been eight years old when she received the card from the Toronto school board chairman and eleven years old when she received the Father Christmas card. I sent two cards by mail this year and hand delivered a few more. Most of my Christmas greetings will be by email, but no one is likely to paste them into a  scrapbook.

Do you send or save Christmas cards?


  1. I love the hiking Santa--or maybe Father Christmas.
    I send, but do not save cards beyond the weeks of Christmas.

  2. I really like the Father Christmas card. Must be great to bring back the memories from Grandma's scrapbook.

    In a past life I sent LOTS of cards. Even saved cards for many years. Often cutting them smaller with pinking shears to put on packages another year. Today, we printed 10 cards and hopefully I'll get them mailed and distributed before Christmas.

  3. What treasures! My parents saved the Christmas cards every year. Not sure what became of them. In this age it's so much easier to send an email to multiple people at once and the task is done. I did send cards out this year to people that I don't see every day. I like the personal touch that goes with the card. I don't save mine...unless there is something sentimental about it.

  4. I send but don't save. How fun to be able to enjoy these very old, and charming, cards from the past.

  5. I have sent cards every year until this year! Just too much going on I guess. I love the ritual of writing greetings and of using stationary and cards. I am really hoping to do a New Year greeting this year..I don't want to skip it altogether!
    I love these vintage cards, LOVE them!


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