Friday, November 11, 2011


I woke up this morning to see the first light dusting of snow this season. It is time to put away the gardening tools, do a final clean up of the yard and put up the bird feeders.

Five months of winter weather starting...

My old Christmas Cactus plant is bursting with blooms, cheering the room when the sun sets by 5 PM.

The days continue to shorten...

Our elderly war veterans who are in hospital will do their best to attend Remembrance Day ceremonies in their wheelchairs, rising from their beds to honour those who fought for our freedom. I am honoured to help them.

I will remember and give thanks for their sacrifice...


  1. First Snows are pretty. We haven't had ours yet, but I don't imagine it will be too long in coming.

  2. Mexico Mom11:21 am GMT-5

    Remembering our school marches to the cenotaph each year from 1943 to my graduation from High School in 1949 will always cement November 11 in my heart and mind.
    Thanks for your posr.

  3. Of course we call it Veteran's Day here in the U.S., but the day is the same and the honor to those who fought is the same. We flew our flag and wore our poppies today.

    I know it is almost mid-November, but I don't want to think of winter. But come it will.

  4. We haven't had any snow yet. The first snow is really special, isn't it? But you soon grow tired of it. LOL!

    I remember observing a moment of silence at school years and years ago.

  5. We are honoring veterans during veteran's Day here as well. I'm not to fond of the early onset of darkness these days but am looking forward to our upcoming holidays.

  6. What a touching photo of the vets remembering...
    I continue to despise war and the way it disrupts so many lives, but I am mindful and grateful of those who fought the inevitable battles against tyrants.

  7. Lovely post. thank you. I use to have a Christmas cactus but every time I move I have to give my plants away, so I stopped growing them. I love their blooms! I'm glad yours is smiling on you!


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