Saturday, March 17, 2012

South Winds of Summer?!

Fun with food- my breakfast this morning

It looks like we slipped into summer after a week of spring and I truly hope it does cool down soon so the fruit trees do not flower before our last frosts. I cannot deny enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures as I planted my early vegetables yesterday. Chives, green onions, chard and cilantro are already green and growing and the arugula, leaf lettuce, snow peas and carrots should be up soon. It is easy to grow greens from early spring to late fall. We have an abundance of local produce available at good prices at local markets so I do not plant a lot of vegetables. Rhubarb, tomatoes and beans will round out my "crop" this year.

One of our daughters is travelling in Turkey this week and wrote last evening,

 "Just got in to Cappadocia. Drove through a snow storm on the way from the airport!! Looked like driving on the back roads in the winter. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow though, so the snow should melt, which is good as I believe we are outside all day tomorrow."

(Follow the link above if you want to see images of the area she is visiting)

She packed for spring and summer but got winter.

Enjoy today!!


  1. Your breakfast looks too pretty to eat.

    We are scheduled for snow.

  2. I love the palm tree and I eat all those items almost every morning. The weather has been very strange all over. Hope the weather improves for your daughter.

  3. Your photographs are gorgeous! I love your blog.

  4. oh my..I wouldnt want to eat that tropical breakfast its to purdy.

    May your garden grow thick and beautiful.

    Its pretty darn hot here in Florida.


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