Thursday, June 21, 2012


The weathered bird house which hangs from the mountain ash tree in the backyard has been empty for two seasons. A pair of Black-capped Chickadees raised a family here in May 2010 but did not return again. Last evening I heard a House Wren's territorial call and watched it buzz between our maple, lilac and ash trees. This morning there were two Wrens and nest building began in earnest.

People who want to attract Chickadees and Bluebirds to their bird houses do not care for aggressive Wrens, but there is no competition for this house. I have never seen a House Wren in our yard, in fact, I rarely see them at all unless I hear them on a trail somewhere. This will be the second nest of the season for the Wrens and I am delighted they rented a space here. They can stay for a song.


  1. How nice they have chosen to raise a family near you. Enjoyed the video link. Sometimes I think the babies have such big mouths ... but this potential parent had a pretty big one itself!

  2. I like to have the Wrens on the yard.They are feisty,but that never ending singing is refreshing.

  3. Throwing a wren into the works, eh?


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