Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Summer

The sun set, a bright red ball behind man-made shapes of the city skyline. I stood high on the hill facing west watching as the last daylight of August faded away. Today was hot, humid and dusty and a haze hung in the horizon.

I turned to the east and watched as the full moon rose through the haze, a "blue moon" that was pink and pale. The seasons are changing. Last evening I walked to the top of the same hill an hour earlier to watch the almost full moon rise. A pair of Kestrels hovered and danced together in front of the moon. Large flocks of black birds gathered to roost for the night.

I am not sorry to see this long hot summer draw to a close. Autumn is my favourite season and two Septembers in a row would please me greatly. But we are given one day at a time and that is sufficient. We watched the moon rise higher in the night sky, turning yellow as the haze filtered its light.

Goodbye August...
hello September.


  1. These shots are terrific! I'm not quite ready to see summer gone but can feel autumn in the air.

  2. Me too my friend... so love the fall and would also love two Septembers or Octobers. The relief we'll feel from this heat will be profound. Lovely photos. :c)

  3. The summer really has zipped by. Autumn is definitely in the air here. 5 degrees the last couple of mornings. I'll be lighting up the wood stove soon and would have already if i'd have had my chimney done - hopefully early next week. Great moon shots!

  4. I can feel fall in the air. Cooler nights. Although the days are still hot. I'm a September person, too. Thanks for the thoughts.

  5. The seasons are definitely changing. I just really like that Kestral picture. So perfect.

  6. The pink, blue moon was definitely yellow in these parts.


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