Saturday, August 20, 2016


Sun and shadow shroud the cliffs of the Grand Canyon as a
   Condor soars on air currents high above the Colorado River.
The San Francisco peaks are on the horizon but you cannot
   hear clanging cable cars, 
      see the Golden Gate Bridge or
         feel the ghosts of Alcatraz in the same-named city.

Pacific waters ripple over my feet in British Columbia, Ventura,
   and remote Mexican beaches with pelicans.
Cold Atlantic waves chill me in Newfoundland, Fundy, Rhode Island, 
   and New York City by the Statue of Liberty.
I stand atop Sulphur Mountain, Mount Washington, and float in the fault that
   holds the Dead Sea.

We cross Canada by land and sea from Victoria to Cape Spear, 
   over mountains, through prairies and forests, 
      and hear a loon laugh, the moon mirrored on a quiet lake. 
I listen to music in concert halls, on streets, in the hum of markets
   in Boston, Vancouver, Jerusalem, Guadalajara,
      and at home.

I ride a camel, travel by air, ocean liner, train, bicycle, bus 
   and drive California State Route 1.
History beckons from castles, cathedrals, communities, 
   and the Alamo.
Our world is large, yet closer, smaller and more
   accessible in modern times.

I watch a bright yellow Goldfinch tentatively
   remove a seed from a dead flower in my garden and
      wash it down with a sip from the bird bath beside me.
The search for beauty, relationship, rest, holiness,
   amidst the clamour of life brings
      a holiday for my soul.


  1. Beautiful words,that pant rich pictures.

  2. Ruth--a new side of your least to me. I don't recall seeing you write poetry. And I love the photo complementing the sentiment of your poem. Solitude, beauty.

    1. You are inspiring me to be creative. I have written a couple of Haikus but this is my first attempt at free verse. I am no Mary Oliver... :-)

  3. I love this, Ruth! It expresses the images and feast for the senses that a traveler gathers in...something that I think most of us bloggers do.

  4. I feel like I was soaring along with you, riding the current of your travel as you experienced such riches of the senses, and of the soul. Thank you.


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