Thursday, May 24, 2007

As from the earth the light Balloon

As from the earth the light Balloon
Asks nothing but release --
Ascension that for which it was,
Its soaring Residence.

The spirit looks upon the Dust
That fastened it so long
With indignation,

As a Bird
Defrauded of its song.

Emily Dickinson

I admire the beautiful hot air balloons that go over our house on calm evenings, sometimes five or six at a time. It costs close to $300.00 for a ride, and even if that was inexpensive for me, I don't know if I would have the courage to get into one.

Have you been in a hot air balloon, riding in the domain of the birds?


  1. I have never been in a hot air balloon, although in my younger days (20's) I enjoyed going to the hot air balloon races and counted it among the things I wanted to do in my life. Now, nearing 50, I still find them beautiful and magical but, like you, I'm not sure if I'd have the nerve.

  2. No, Ruth, my fear of heights keeps me on the ground. But they are beautiful.

  3. Not me. For the past 13 years I've lived in places where they do a lot of ballooning (ballooning and wine valleys seem to go together, oddly), but a ride is always beyond my pocketbook.

    They are beautiful, though.

  4. Yes, a number of years ago when the company I worked for was doing a special promotion. It was amazing. I figured why not do it when it was a free offer to a few employees. There are many here in AZ floating over the mountains. I'd like to take another 'float' sometime.

  5. May an old man barge in here? I am KGMOM'S father, not blogging but lurking. My daughter sent me this blogsite, which I check out occasionally. Re hot air balloning: My wife, Donna's step-mother, gave me an hour in a hot air balloon for my 75th birthday. Because of an unexpected updraft the hour turned into an hour and twenty minutes. I've got this thing against heights too, but I am glad I did it, gritted teeth and all. And at 88 ears old (in about three weeks) I'd do it again (if someone else paid for it) (chuckle). Thanks Body Soul & Spirit. And blessings on you all.
    Father "C"

  6. A hot air balloon ride would be a grand event. I've heard from others that it's very peaceful just floating along like a bird. And, as Father "C" tells us, one is never too old to experience something new! Maybe for my 50th birthday....

  7. When my dad turned 75, my step-mom wanted to give him a hot air balloon ride. So, I helped her out with $$ and contacted a local man who took folks for rides.
    Daddy went for an hour ride--and even though he had always wanted to do that--he was non-commital when he landed. It was OK, he said.
    I have no desire to go up--even ferris wheels scare me!
    Now, I scan down & see that my father posted a remark! Interesting. Father C is my dad.

  8. Thanks for your comments. It is interesting that my aunt, OmaLois, a youngster at 72, would go up in a balloon again, and Father C, Donna's dad, would go for another ride at 88 years. Wow! Mary and I have some fears to conquer! Like Ginger says, the price is another hurdle. Lynne and Ruthie- sounds like a great 50th birthday gift! Donna, your dad is a gem!

  9. I never have been but would like to some day.-You are lucky to have them fly over your house so often!

  10. It's beautiful, but I am not at all sure I'd want to be up in it either. Hey Lynne, if you go, I'll go? :c)

  11. Larry and Jayne,
    Perhaps we could look into a blogger's balloon bash over some spectacular area. I don't think they crash like airplanes. ;-)


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