Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Flowers: Fruit Tree Blossoms

We have a large number of apple orchards in south central and western Ontario and they will be in full blossom in the next week. From Thornbury to the Niagara Region, orchards will be breath-takingly beautiful. My grandfather was from the Thornbury region. When he set up his medical practice north of Toronto, he bought land outside the town and planted a large apple orchard as well as stands of pine. We spent a lot of time on the farm as children, especially in the fall when apple pickers were needed.

My mother's birthday is tomorrow, my cousin's is the next day (she lives on the farm now) and grandma and her sister Dorothy shared the same birthday, twelve years apart on May 10th. I remember the times we had joint birthday picnics at the farm in early May under the apple blossoms.

I live closer to Niagara than I do to the farm now. A trip to Niagara on the Lake is so worthwhile in early May as the apple, peach and cherry blossoms will be at their peak. We still have a frost risk at night and farmers have to watch the blossoms and temperatures closely. I took these pictures last year on May 6th in the town of Niagara on the Lake and along the Niagara Parkway on the Ontario side of the Niagara River.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
Happy Birthday, Sandra!
Happy Memories of Grandma and Aunt Dorothy!


  1. Who lives in that house? I love it.

    Our flowering trees have ended, Ruth, and our views were cut short by those freezes we had. We're a few weeks ahead of you.

    This was a very nice birthday greeting.

  2. That house looks almost exactly like one here in Spokane :). Lots of birthdays come up!

    I adore apple blossoms, my in-laws have a little (overgrown) orchard, Michael and I have made some attempts to tame...

  3. Our flowering trees are just coming into their full glory here too. Driving home from work late last night the air was delisciously sweet.

  4. Lucky are those who have blossom-laden May birthdays. Happy Birthday to your mom and cousin.

  5. How appropriate--Friday flowers are all the blooming fruit trees.
    Happy birthday wishes to all your family members. May is a big birthday month for my family too.

  6. Oh Ruth, my mom's birthday falls on May 5 too! And her name--Ruth!
    And she had a sister Dorothy as well.
    That house is so charming..your blog is enchanting. Love the pictures. You're a little behind us in Ontario, but Spring has finally arrived and I wish you many days of sunshine and blue skies.

  7. Beautiful blooming images Ruth. I love that house too. Looks like one in a storybook. Happy birthday to all you love!

  8. I love those grand old houses. They have such character.

  9. Orchards are a beautiful sight.-Happy birthday to your "peeps".

  10. Mary- This house is in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. This beautiful historic town has many well kept homes that are close to 200 years old. I happened to park my car near this one and fell in love with it!

    Jaspenelle- Orchards do need pruning and care. Good luck with your in-law's trees.

    Lynne- Night time does make the fragrances stronger. Spring is really here when the trees bloom.

    Cathy- Spring birthdays are really in tune with nature! Thanks for the good wishes.

    KGMom- Our family has has most birthdays clumped in the late winter and spring. My mom will be reading these comments...thanks.

    Dorothy- Thanks for dropping by. Ruth and Dorothy are good old-fashioned names. I wonder if May has more births than any other month?

    Jayne- I can envision myself in that house and having tea on that porch. My bed-sitting room is in the tower.

    Laura- "character"...something lacking in new housing developments!

    Larry- The orchards around our home are late in blooming this year. I plan to go to Niagara next week if the weather is warm for the next few days. Things were at their peak at this time last year.


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