Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Backyard Bandit

Something is eating my flowers.
My tulips are gone.
My pansies are under attack.
Rounding up the usual suspects.
I found all of these in my garden tonight.
Who dunnit????



    All of them did it.

  2. I think Mr. Bunny Rabbit has a full stomach

  3. I vote bunny. I know from experience, it's the bunny.

    Unless you see a VOLE.

  4. Becka- Our little critters are so cute!

    OmaLois and Mary...
    That baby bunny had a partner and this is all ground level destruction. But the squirrels ate an entire flat of impatiens flowers last summer that I put in hanging pots, so I am suspicious of them too. My feeders are empty, so maybe they are vengeful!

  5. Mary...a vole??? is that related to a mole?

  6. Bunnneeeyy!!
    Although I have seen squirrels nip tulip buds.

  7. Oh no--I am especially sensitive to this kind of thievery since I just planted all my flowers.
    I vote bunny too--although Mary's vole suggestion is worth checking. They are NOT related to moles--they are similar to mice, but very plant destructive. They love bulbs. And they zip around, almost out of sight.

  8. I resent that you're all guessing the bunny did it.


    I'm sure he did though!

  9. Better check the remaining leaves for prints.
    That bunny looks shifty.

  10. Hehehe Ruth... I'd vote for Mr. Bunny too!

  11. Lynne- I was hoping it was the squirrel...

    KGMom- Thanks for the info on the Vole. I hope your flowers are left alone. I will have to figure out which flowers are not tasty...perhaps marigolds.

    Laura- I will have to put alfalfa out for them. Maybe they will prefer it to the blooms.

    Susan- Went out to look for prints this morning and found 4 bunnies! They live next door but come here for breakfast.

    Jayne- mystery solved!

  12. I dunno who done it - but that is an adorable post :0)

  13. thanks Cathy...I do enjoy the creatures in my yard, even when they are naughty.


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