Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Skating

Last week my daughter told us she had been skating at a new rink in Torreon, Mexico. The ice was soft and her skates were dull, but she is a good skater and likely performed better than average in a Mexican crowd. My brother in the United Arab Emirates has shared photos of an indoor ski hill there call Ski Dubai. Those of us who live where winter is icy and cold go south to enjoy sand and sun, not to skate or ski on man-made surfaces.

We have many indoor rinks in our region and one outdoor man made rink in front of our city hall. Skating here is free and there are benches, a warm-up area, a Zamboni, and a Williams Coffee Pub next door. The Christkindl Market was held this past weekend and I took this video of people skating to the music of a live band playing traditional German tunes.

I am a very poor skater and it is safe to say that my skating days are over for good. I wanted our daughters to skate well and took them to the rink every week. When The Becka was little, I pushed her stroller around the rink and was able to skate safely with that support. The older girls were on their own. They are all comfortable in ice skates and rollerblades and would love to skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa sometime, the world's largest skating rink. My husband plays hockey several times a week and is an excellent skater. In the past, he refereed minor hockey and that was always a good workout.

In this short video clip there are all types of skaters. There are metal frames for youngsters to hold on to while they learn to balance. Too bad there aren't adult sized support frames. A young girl in a pink coat is encouraging a friend who is unsteady on her blades.

What kind of an ice skater are you?


  1. As far as I am concerned, boards/walls around the rink are there to hold on to, and to run in to when one needs to stop. I never took to skating.

  2. Probably no one will believe this but I can only skate backwards - can't skate going forward. Both our boys played rep hockey and my Dad played semi-pro carded to the Boston Bruins - what happened to me?

  3. Hi Ruth,

    I never was a great skater but did manage to go forward and backwards ... at times. It has been years since i skated last. My sister-in-law has recently ordered some "Nordic Skates" and we are anxious to see how she likes them. Not cheap so we are unwilling to leap into purchasing them ourselves ... unless she gives us absolutely RAVE reviews on them!!!! ... I'm with Karen ... I like the thought of boards and walls to run into to stop! ... though I did learn to skate on an outdoor, homemade rink ... up in Taylor Flats, B.C.

  4. I'm a careful, skater... adequate... I can skate forward in time to the music, and backwards with little control. You should see my brother, though! Amazing.

  5. Haven't skated much since high school, but I always enjoyed it. Our Rec Center in town has open skating time, but I never take the time to go anymore. Maybe if I found someone to go along with me I would be more inclined to go, because it's fun and good exercise.

  6. I skate on my backside, Ruth.

    Never learned to skate on wheels or blades. I tried and tried for years. My husband and daughter skate very well and I'd watch from the sidelines.

  7. Uh, not? Seriously, I fully failed to learn how to roller skate, so I'd be really dangerous on thin blades!!!

  8. At 3 years of age my Dad bought me bob skates and took them back the same day for real ones. We had lots of town rinks and ponds for skating. Last time I skated was in 1990 and your 2 older daughters were surprised to see a grandmother skate. I would be tempted to skate this year but likely won't be allowed to. My dream to skate on the canals in Holland like Hans Brinker.

  9. Dad - says that when we were in High School in our town if you couldn't skate, you couldn't date.

    The skating rink was like the winter plaza would be in Latin countries where boy meets girl.
    2 nights a week for 25 cents a person we skated to music from 7:00 to 10:00 PM(1948)

  10. K&M- There is no way I would think of skating without boards. I cannot stop without them.

    Jean- I'm impressed. Some babies crawl backwards only...maybe that was you too ;-)

    CS-I think you have to keep skating regularly to keep up the skill and confidence. I am more afraid of falling than I used to be.

    Jennifer- I would think you would be a good skater. I don't have confidence on skis either.

    RuthieJ- It is good exercise, and I think men may be more inclined than women to continue with ice sports.

    Mary- Skating on your backside would keep you from a bad fall. I am even worse on roller skates than I am on ice skates.

    Jayne- I don't imagine that ice skating is all that popular in your area...but you do have a NHL hockey team.

    Mom- I remember when you skated in 1990 and you were older than I am now. It was a social thing in your small town for sure.

  11. I like the idea of traditional German tunes and coffee house but I've never even tried to skate.-Kind of hard to believe.I'm really not comfortable on ice though.


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