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Music of Christmas: Come to the Manger

Living Nativity Scene at Christkindl Market

The familiarity of old carols and Christmas songs links us to past generations in traditional observances of the season. Each year new Christmas songs and recordings are introduced and a few of them become new favourites and classic in a different way. Last week Anvilcloud commented on my Advent music post about Joy to the World...

I had no idea this carol was that old. It's nice to still be singing these, but I also like the change that some of the newer songs bring.

There are several newer songs that have become seasonal favourites for myself and our family. Mary Did You Know, Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song), Welcome to our World, Love has Come, Bethlehem's Treasure, Changed by a Baby Boy, and Glad Tidings, are some of the titles I enjoy.

Nearly ten years ago, Donny Osmond released an album called Christmas at Home. One of the tracks is titled Come to the Manger. It was written by Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah. He is a poet and musician and has written many songs. I always hit the repeat button for the song below. You can hear Donny Osmond sing it on the player below the words.

What are your favourite "newer" Christmas songs?

Come to the Manger
Written by Peter McCann and Orrin Hatch

It's an old invitation,
Engraved in the heart of one,
To remember when we're drifting apart,
To all races and nations,
To shepherds and kings.

A Savior is born, the age had begun,
when the meek and the mighty are one.
When we all to the manger come.

Come to the manger,
come in our darkest of hours
Wherever we are, the shadows are parted by the light from His star
From all men and women there rises a song
The Savior is born, the age has begun
When the meek and the mighty are one
When we all to the manger come.

Come to the manger
You will find peace in His light
A child so mighty in a stable so small
In His Heavenly Kingdom
There's a place for all
And all that he asks for, is your love in return

A Savior is born, the age has begun
When the meek and the mighty are one,
When we all to the manger come,
When we all to the manger come.


  1. "Come to the manger- you'll find peace in His light"


  2. Rita McNeil has tow that like: The Holly and Now The Bells Ring. There's also Christmas Pipes by Celtic Woman.

  3. I like Good King Wensaslas. We have a beautifully illustrated children's book with the story behind the song. I think that's why I like it so well!

  4. This is wonderful thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Ruth - great post. I can't think of another "newer" song - you mentioned two of my favorites: Mary, Did You Know; and Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song). I'm pleasantly surprised how many artists have recorded Mary, Did You Know - and I really enjoy each one's rendition of it. As for the "older" songs/hymns we traditionally sing, Silent Night has got to be one of my top choices. Have a beautiful, blessed Christmas, Ruth.

  6. A local radio station here plays a really neat reggae version of "Mary's Boy Child." I don't know who sings it, but it's a very catchy tune and I always like hearing it.

    P.S. I love those little burros with the cross on their back.

  7. I love the photo of the manager with the donkeys and the baby.

    One of my favorites is "Mary Did You Know?" For I don't really believe that Mary had any idea all of the things Jesus would do in his life.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jean- The words are very meaningful...

    AC- I always enjoy Rita McNeil. I believe she has a Christmas special coming up.

    Winterwoman...I am not surprised that you relate to a story about someone tramping long distances in the snow ;-)

    Monarch- Thanks...

    MaryC- Sounds like we have similar tastes. I love Mary's Song.

    RuthieJ- I love upbeat versions of new and old carols too.

    Mary- What you say is so true...thanks for commenting.

  9. I like the Lennon-so this is Christmas song as far as the more modern ones go. Although that one is getting pretty old too. We had a choir come in from a baptist church to perform at our workplace. We all sang along and it was great.-Really good energy.

  10. Larry- Lennon's song is new compared to most carols. I like it too. Carol sing-a-longs are great. People used to sing informally a lot more than they do now


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