Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Flowers: Special gifts

I have been fortunate to enjoy a number of fresh blooms in my home over the past few weeks. All have been gifts, except for the Christmas cactus above. My Christmas cactus has survived on neglect for at least ten years on a shelf by the window. It blooms faithfully every December and again around Easter.

I received this potted cyclamen from friends at our church. It is covered with blooms and has many unopened buds. Time will tell if it likes our indoor environment as we get little sun in the winter. Apparently they grow naturally in dry woods and shade so perhaps it will do well here.

My co-workers sent a huge poinsettia in a classic red colour. I generally have good luck keeping them alive through until the spring time and sometimes set them on the deck when the weather warms up. Throwing away plants (and books) a very difficult for me.

My cousins, Michele, Sam and Jesse brought me a big bouquet of yellow lilies that lasted a full ten days. They also brought me books to read. Their family is enjoying a Caribbean cruise this week and I am happy they shared a little sunshine with me before the trip.

Here is a quote for these times of financial uncertainty. (We may need to increase the penny to a dollar or two.)

When you have only two pennies left in the world,
buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.
Chinese Proverb

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Such lovely colors to start my day. I am now considering a Christmas cactus since you say it's low maintenence. I am terrible w/ house plants.

    Love the proverb.

    Enjoy our weekend.

  2. I succeed in keeping plants alive a long time, like you. It's very difficult for me when one die, I've always the impression that I'm responsible for that.

    There's nothing better than a plant to illuminate one's home.
    I love your collage with the yellow one.
    Thanks to offer us these "bunches".

  3. Your flowers are beautiful!

  4. Anonymous7:37 am GMT-5

    How nice to see such lovely, bright colors. It takes a special talent to grow plants/flowers. I am amazed at how people can make plants survive be on there natural time.

    I love the bright red on the pointsetta and bright yellow on the lillies.

    Hope you have a good weekend too...and stay warm!!

  5. Beautiful.Thanks for allowing me to enjoy your flowers.That in itself is a special gift.

  6. Flowers shared are such a gift.
    Hope you are mending well-

    It looks like lots of snow out on your deck. We still only have a dusting but they're predicting a plowable snowfall this weekend.

  7. I've never had much luck with the Christmas cactus but now after seeing your pictures makes me want to try again!

    I love the yellow lilies!

  8. Flowers are at least one perk for having surgery! These are lovely. I have tried and tried to keep cyclamen to no avail. Good luck with yours. If it makes it, give us some care hints.

  9. Your flower pictures are great...I love the chrismas cactus picture with the snow in the background..very cool..

    What program did you use to make the other flower pictures so interesting?

  10. Oh i just saw on your blog you use that free photo editor..great..i am off to check it out...
    and ps...I do love the proverb.
    and My christmas cactus is also very easy to grow.

  11. Anonymous4:31 pm GMT-5

    Super snow skies, beautiful and like the one with the fence : original. About the flowers - you write a proverb that is also a favorite of mine - the top photo is an outstanding one for me, almost an abstract and at the same time a macro, the bench in the background with snow, I really like it.

  12. Lots of bright cheer the dull days of winter.....

    I love the quote......

  13. Love the proverb ... we try to buy flowers for the table throughout the winter.

  14. Lucky you! Such beautiful flowers. My favourite gifts are always flowers.
    I'm with you on the pointsettia. Mine last into the summer and I really hate to throw them away. My amaryllis bulbs too. I sometimes have 2 bloomings, end up planting it in the back yard and somehow it dies over the summer.
    Have a good weekend too.

  15. Anonymous9:40 pm GMT-5

    Loved your positive flower-filled blog. Our flowers from Guadalajara have just taken off but I no longer have a camera to take pictures of them until January. The pointsetas are in full bloom about 15 feet high, the chain link fence is bright orange with honeysuckle and humming birds. The golden chalice and its plum shade cousin are covering the one end of the fence and the various bouganvilla are bright and cheery. Wish you could be here. Maybe next Christmas,
    Love and prayer

  16. Oh..lovely to see all the pretty flowers as I can see some light snow falling outside...

  17. Ruth,

    I love the red Christmas cactus. I had a pink one for many years, but something happened and it died. I was a little sad. It was beautiful.

    Enjoyed seeing the beautiful photos of your plants. Books are also a favorite of mine and never throw them away if there is any hope of saving them.

    Take care and have a great weekend.

  18. I've heard a quote something like that, but it was a hyacinth. The idea is the same though: feed the body, feed to soul.

  19. Well, no wonder you are on the mend Ruth! Such lovely color and beauty surround you. :c)

  20. Anonymous4:24 pm GMT-5

    Wonderful flowers..
    Each flower is a soul opening out to nature. - Gerald De Nerval
    I couldn't agree more!
    Thank you for your visit and comment. Nice to hear from you.
    If interested please visit
    - cheers.

  21. Wayne's Christmas cactus is just barely forming buds - usually it blooms in Nov.

  22. They are one of the things, but not the only, that make a house a home.

  23. Nice photos of the flowers.I can't take care of flowers very well.I forget to water them.-I'm better with gardens because I relate it to eating which I'm very good at. I donate my books to the local library and then get credit for it on my taxes.


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