Thursday, May 05, 2011

Leaving with a Song

Singing Myrtle Warbler
My husband called me at work yesterday to tell me a friend had reported a fall out of migrating warblers at a park near our home. He encouraged me to go there before coming home saying he would look after getting his own dinner. And as it was a lovely sunny afternoon, I did just that. A variety of warblers darted from the bare tree branches feeding on insects for their long, uncertain journey. The sound of bird song filled the air.

A lady I know finally found out why she has become more muddled in her thinking and coordination. She is recovering from a fracture received because of a previously unexplained fall. A large, rapidly growing tumour has invaded her brain and she will soon be transferred to another hospital for a surgical assessment. She knows that there may be no treatment available for her type of tumour. 

Last week she asked if I could get her a keyboard so she could enjoy some music during these long days. Yesterday she played for me, sitting in her wheelchair while struggling to read the notes in front of her. But she managed to finger out a few tunes with a good sense of rhythm. For some reason, she always missed the last line of notes on the page, perhaps not seeing them due to her condition. 

"It will soon be Christmas", she told me before she played "Silent Night" and "O Come All Ye Faithful". And she smiled, thanking me for being her audience. 

I am busy and my piano is often neglected for days on end. My friend reminded me to make music every day, to journey in life with a song and a smile.


  1. All those birds sound wonderful as does the music made by someone so special.

  2. Beautiful post. My mother used music to soothe her soul after my father died. When she couldn't sleep at night, she would get out of bed and sit at the piano. Playing the old hymns they both loved gave her peace.

  3. Is "drop" a name for a group of warblers, or does it just refer to a landing of birds?

  4. Music is such a special gift which you shared with your lady. Keep the songs in your heart. Your job, and life, is special.

  5. Music can be soothing like nothing else. When D's dad was failing, he could hardly talk anymore (became really language challenged) but if D would play his favourite hymns on the guitar, Dad could sing the words.

    Scripture sure emphasizes the need for singing ... it changes our circumstances or at least our view of them! Praise seems to break the yoke.

  6. The warbler is beautiful, and so is your friend who struggles to keep the music flowing even when life is at its most difficult.


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