Saturday, July 21, 2007

All Good Things...

It is wonderful when a vacation of two weeks seems like a month.

Long days spent walking new paths and trails.
Long hours spent in a fishing boat.
Long shorelines and mesmerizing views.
Long evening sunsets.

Long books read.
Long time away from electronic connections.

We need to slow things down every so often to bring some balance to our overly busy lives.
All good things come to an end.
There is plenty to share in days to come!


  1. Well, glad that you are having a restful time, but we miss you.
    It sounds like your vacation time is refreshing.

  2. Love your sunset photo, Ruth. Truer words were never spoken - we all need to "get away" from time to time. Sounds like you had a very restful vacation.

  3. I'm looking foreward to see and hear what you have to share. Glad it was a good vacation. Glad you're back too!

  4. Welcome back Ruth. What a beautiful photo. I am glad you had time to unwind and unplg.

  5. Anonymous9:01 am GMT-4

    Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing more about the new paths and long sunsets...

  6. You're right-I've spent much of my adult life trying to slow things down-It's not always as easy as it sounds.-Glad you know how to enjoy life.

  7. Thanks everyone. I am glad to be back and hope to get caught up on other blogs over the next week.


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