Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Ruth and Nathan 1959

Nathan is the eldest of my four brothers and is just 18 months younger than me. I don't remember when he wasn't around and he was my best friend as we were growing up. Our family moved often and sibling friendships were very important. As I child I was shy and quiet (I still am) as my pose in the photograph suggests. Nathan was and remains a polar opposite...talkative, outgoing, and outrageous at times! He was an active outdoors boy and we spent many happy days in the fields and ravines "exploring". He would bring snakes home to horrify me and even had a couple of small ones in a terrarium in his bedroom. My mother was far more long suffering than I ever could be.

As an adolescent he pushed the nest edges early. My future mother-in-law, who lived across the road, told us how Nathan would climb out the upstairs window and slide down the porch roof to leave his bedroom. When he finished high school, he hitch-hiked to Mexico and back, before my parents moved there to live.

Nathan has always been a very hard worker. He has succeeded in several areas and accepted promotions to jobs he was not qualified for. He exudes confidence and can make anyone believe he can do anything. When he jumps in the deep end, he learns to swim quickly.

He and his family lived near Paris for a number of years. July 14th is Bastille Day in France and Nathan claimed it as a personal birthday celebration. He then moved near Barcelona, Spain and now is working in the United Arab Emirates. He blogs intermittently about his life there.

I have seen him twice in the new millenium.

I received my first email ever from him in 1996. He worked in telecommunications and was the first family member on line. He remains in contact with me more often than the rest of my brothers thanks to technology.

The Becka went to her cousin's handfasting in Spokane, Washington in June this year. Nathan invited her along and these family members whom she barely knew treated her wonderfully. She told me afterwards,

"Your brother is something else!"

That sums him up perfectly.

He treated her like a daughter and gave her a camel's tooth as a souvenir too. (There are few things uglier than a camel's mouth!) What an uncle.

Happy Birthday Nathan! Live well, stay well!
Love from your favourite sister.


  1. Aaaaah! Dash a tear from my eye.
    Off to do a beach BBQ on the Persian Gulf today.
    Wish you were here.

  2. Happy birthday Nathan! It's my mom's b'day today too... great day to be born. :c) What a lovely tribute Ruth.

  3. Wish him a Happy Birthday from me, too!

    He sounds like a handful, so full of life. I guess when the two of you were together as children, you watched him in action with your jaw hanging open :o)

    What a sweet post in that photo, Ruth!

  4. Happy Birthday Uncle Nathan!!! I hope I can visit you and Alex in the UAE sometime!

  5. Love that picture. Nathan is a true chip off the T-family block. I have a "chip" that was born on the same day. The snake part does remind me of your dad when we were kids.

  6. Ruth--here's another eldest born daughter with a younger brother saying--happy birthday to Nathan.

  7. Happy Birthday to Nathan!-That photo reminds me of a world that onced seemed more innocent.

  8. SLD- Hope you had fun on your birthday. Are you getting sentimental in your advanced age?

    Jayne- Nathan would agree that it was a great day to be born!

    Mary- I am sure he will see your greeting. He is a faithful reader of my blog. I think Mom would agree with the "handful" label.

    Becka- Start saving your money.

    OmaLois- Is it Cousin A's birthday too or one of her sisters? I had forgotten that. Yes, Nathan is a Classic T.

    KGMOm- Wasn't it great being an older sister? Bossy, bossy, bossy!

    Larry- I think our childhood was very innocent and carefree. A lot has changed since 1959.

  9. Aw. I missed a timely birthday wish - but - I didn't miss the love and admiration of a big sis for her kid brother.

    What is it about those 1950's family photos? They are so wonderful. I guess Larry mentioned something about the innocence - yes, that's part of it.

    You were one darling child.

  10. Anonymous7:36 pm GMT-4

    My dad the scoundrel, yup, sounds like him *grins* best father ever!


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