Monday, July 02, 2007

Be Still

We took the dog out this weekend for a walk on one of his favourite trails. He was so excited to get in the car and jumped out eagerly once we were parked.

Unfortunately, he heard one little firecracker going off.

Our dog is terrified of thunder and fireworks. He is finally over the trauma of the Victoria Day fireworks and this was the weekend of Canada Day fireworks. He crawled under the first park bench and could not be enticed to go further. So I sat and waited with him while the rest of the family took a walk. I was sitting in front of a large red currant bush, and after a few minutes, a group of Cedar Waxwings arrived to feast on the ripe berries. I love these handsome birds. If it wasn't for the frightened dog, I would have missed them.

When we got home, the dog headed for the bathtub, his safe haven from loud noises. He has been there a lot during the past three days, but the fireworks will soon be over for another year. He should be fully recovered in a couple of weeks!

I will have to learn to sit still more often and see what comes to me along the trail.


  1. Pssh! Dogthedog...nice pic btw. :)

  2. I love seeing Cedar Waxwings-I usually hear thee little zee zee sounds before I see them.

  3. Anonymous8:50 pm GMT-4

    Wow, love them waxwings and poor puppy! Probably will be some more fireworks here this week!

  4. Oh poor baby. We have a dog like that. She heads for the innermost bathroom during storms and when neighbors are setting off firecrackers. Bad time of year for them both, I'm afraid.
    Your daughter sounds about as sympathetic to your dog as my daughter is to ours!

  5. Poor puppy! Our first dog was the same way as she got older. There's no way to convince them that nothing's going to hurt them.

    That red currant bush is beautiful (gotta get me some). What a treat to see see those Cedar Waxwings up close.

  6. What beautiful birds, the waxwings!

  7. The waxwings are one of my favorites also. Good picture! You should have taken a picture of the dog under the park bench. Poor thing.

    When I was a child we had a dog - an excitable dalmation mix - who lodged himself behind the washing machine during fireworks. He stood there for hours.

  8. Poor fellow. This brought back memories of my Wookie. During the July 4 celebrations I always tranquilized him, closed the curtains and stayed inside with him while everyone else enjoyed the evening's fireworks.

    When I bird in the Spring I find that those who sit at the edge of the wood lot often get better birds than those of us who chase along the marsh's boardwalk. Sitting is good.

  9. Poor puppy....did you read "Marley and Me"? At least your doggie doesn't chew a hole in the wall to escape.
    But what a nice surprise, getting to watch the waxwings. Serendipity, that scared dog.

  10. Anonymous4:21 am GMT-4

    What a wonderful post! It is so true that if we keep our eyes, ears, and mind open, we'll find God's gift in otherwise upsetting times.
    I'm up at 4 a.m. after having a teenage quarrel get out of hand at 2:30 this morning. (Please pray for the parents of teenagers!)
    I haven't had any time lately for blog-reading, so I thought I'd take advantage of my wakefulness. I'm smiling now. Thank you Ruth!

  11. Becka- come love the dog..

    Larry- I have never noticed the sound they make. Because they are never alone, I usually notice them because there are so many around.

    Monarch- People will be using their left over fireworks here for a few more days. And today we are getting thunderstorms!

    KGMom- Our downstairs bathroom has no windows and is very central. Dakota has picked it as the safe place, and it would be the best place for all of us in case of a tornado. Animals do have good instincts. Bet you daughter is really a softie for the dog...

    RuthieJ- Our dog is getting much worse as he gets older. He is 9 now. You had asked about the hardiness of red currants. They grow and spread well here, so I am sure they will grow in your area too.

    Jayne- They are elegant and gregarious. I often think I have seen a cardinal initially and from a distance, but Waxwings are smaller. Up close there is no mistaking them.

    Mary- We have pictures of the cowering dog, but they are sooo pathetic. The birds were so gorgeous, I couldn't embarrass the dog with a bad pic! ;-)

    Cathy- If our dog cannot access his special place, he shakes and pants severely. I have wondered if a sedative would help now that he is older. Yes, I will have to try more sitting.

    Susan- I have seen the book, but haven't read it. I know it is a best seller. I should pick it up for my vacation. We had a dog who chewed steps and walls, but not in response to loud noises.

    Evelyn- What a lovely comment! What you say is so true. We do need to pray for wisdom and peace for parents of all ages.


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