Sunday, July 08, 2007

Eight Random Facts Meme

Within 24 hours, I was tagged by Nina, Jennifer, Jayne and Laura to participate in the eight random facts meme. I thought about this yesterday and determined I must be one of the most boring people around because I struggled to come up with even two items that were remotely interesting. This is the most difficult meme I have done and I won't be tagging anyone else! I have probably shared a number of these things in posts over the past year. (This month marks a full year of blogging) Here goes....

1. I was born in Pretoria, South Africa and have crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times by boat.

2. In spite of travelling extensively as a child, my first trip on an airplane was when I was 22 years old. Compared to others in my birth family, I have travelled very little.

3. I have four younger brothers. By the age of 12 I had quite a bit of "parenting" experience, mainly in bossing my brothers around and changing the diapers of the youngest two. I think they all love me! :-)

4. I enjoy being with people, but I don't mind being alone, in fact, solitude is necessary from time to time.

5. I prefer to serve than be served. At social gatherings, I like to help with the food and clean up instead of sitting around. Sitting for long periods of time makes me very restless. (This is why I avoid meetings at work as much as possible)

Boy netting minnows in the Ausable Channel at The Pinery

6. I like children of elementary school age, and old people. Both groups are usually honest and say what they think.

7. I love HOT and spicy food, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean... I enjoy trying new ethnic dishes.

8. I am off work for the next two weeks, and am looking forward to a change of routine, a little more rest, a little travel, seeing something new. I will be reading and writing posts more irregularly for a while. Vacation time is so important and I find it hard to believe that there are people who don't take time off from work each year.

Nipissing Trail at The Pinery


  1. These are VERY interesting random facs Ruth! I find it so fun and interesting to see what people chose to share. I hope you have a wonderful vacation! Safe travels!!

  2. Have a great Vacation!-Not boring-interesting!-Thanks for sharing that information.

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Thanks for sharing those 8 random facts about yourself....not boring at all!

    Hope you have an enjoyable vacation. Those 2 weeks will go by pretty fast, I suppose.

  4. Ruth,

    Boring facts? No way! How many people do you know who have crossed the Atlantic three times? I'm sure your brothers love you. You are the mothering type.

    Best wishes for a nice vacation! We all need a break.

  5. Enjoy your vacation--time of renewal and rest.
    I too have been multiple tagged, and am working on my post.
    Enjoyed yours!

  6. It's tough to be popular, Ruth!


    Seeing as your were tagged 4 times, shouldn't you have to come up with 32 random facts?

    Just kidding!

    I think the item that surprises me most is that you like hot and spicey food. You seem so mild-mannered, not that the two have anything to do with one another!

    Enjoy your time off from work and wherever your travels take you.

  7. Well now Ruth, I think these tid bits are so fascinating! Thanks for playing!

  8. You forgot a few:

    Mother to three wonderful girls. (being a Mother alone counts for 8).

    A "rock" for the family. Us gypsies always know where to find you, but not each other.

    Who else would I call from France when I had a busted tendon and needed advice. Our own built in medico.

    Hockey wife/widow.

    I think you restrained yourself from throttling me a few times growing up. Exceptional self control.

    The door to your house is always open to me :)


  9. Lynne- Thanks. I guess I haven't been a risk taker and have been a law abiding citizen leading an average life. I like ready about the ordinary lives of others too.

    Larry- I will be spending time in a boat, probably catching more pictures than fish.

    RuthieJ- Holidays do have a habit of zooming by too quickly. I used to take the entire summer off when my children were younger.

    Mary- It looks like KGMom crossed 3 times by boat and once by plane. Sea crossings were common in the 1950's. My dad even took his 1956 Chevy over in the ship's hold.

    KGMom- Your meme is interesting too. I would love to add some new wonders of the world to my list. I have been to Victoria Falls too, but don't remember it.

    Laura- Thirty-two random facts! I would have to start disclosing very personal things. Glad you are just kidding. I was introduced to spicy food at a young age. I find the typical NA cuisine, i.e. roadhouse and diner foods, to be very dull.

    Jayne- Its OK that you tagged me;-)

    SLB- What nice things for a brother to say to his big sister! How we have changed. Somehow I do remember physical force involved in our sibling rivalry, but didn't want to add that to my list of skills. You were my best friend and confidante, that is for sure. And you are always welcome into our predictable life.

  10. Oh come on, that wasn't boring at all. It gave us a nice glimpse of you and I for one, enjoyed reading them.

  11. I'll bet I've missed the explanation in previous posts as to how it is you were born in South Africa. So interesting - the different paths we have all traveled.

    (I just love the way 'sand land dad' filled in the gaps :0)

  12. LauraO- Thanks. Did you get tagged? If not, I tag you!

    Cathy- I don't think I have explained the S. Africa connection. My parents were lay missionaries there (my dad worked at regular job too) for several years. I just remember living in Durban when I was school-aged.


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