Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Music from the soul

Music preference is a generational thing. The latest music style is sure to disgust parents and delight their offspring. There are so many music styles now that finding music to suit an individual's taste can be be very challenging. Music store gift cards are the only way to go.
I grew up in the 1960's and 70's where music defined the baby boomer generation. It was part of a social revolution that included the civil rights movement and the redefinition of the role of women in society.

I seldom go to movies, but have seen Hairspray three times now (in seven days!). I love the music and the story. And it appealed to my husband and all our daughters. Now that is unusual!
I usually listen to classical music, but enjoy gospel, R&B, soul, and early rock and roll. I prefer original, eclectic sounds to "canned", synthesized music of popular radio stations and public loudspeakers.

Last weekend, our city hosted a three day Blues Festival downtown. (Here is my daughter's take on the evening). The weather was beautiful for sitting outdoors listening to various artists, crowd-watching and and eating different ethnic foods at outdoor tents. The music was original, sung by the people who wrote it, and very enjoyable to listen to. And the crowds that came ensured that this event will become an annual affair.
What is your favourite music?


  1. Hi Ruth,
    Hairspray 3 times? I must see this movie! I like musical movies (I watched "Connie and Carla" a couple weeks ago--also a musical with a good message about acceptance of people who are different).
    I like so many different kinds of music that it would be easier to pick what I don't like (rap tops the list)

  2. I LOVE musicals! I'm going to try to see Hairspray this week (DH Art isn't interested as musicals just don't grab him). My musical tastes really run with the wind. Like Ruthie, rap- no. Right now I'm listening to Patsy Cline and Louis Armstrong quite a bit. My favorite female voice is Eva Cassidy. I ALWAYS feel better listening to her.

  3. Hi Ruth,

    I have heard so much about Hairspray. I must see it, too.

    All music appeals to me except for hard rock and rap. I enjoy top 40, too!

    Female vocalists - Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce. I love R&B, soul, Big Bands, and a little country. I guess I love it all according to my mood.

  4. Thanks for the movie recommend. Someone else I know had told me about it. I think the name is sort of "off putting". We don't have a T.V. so don't see a lot of the adverts on these things. Our little town has a wee theatre ... we might get the movie up here one day ... but probably we'll have to wait until it comes out in DVD.

    Music wise, we both like classical, jazz and folk.

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  6. Classical, semi-classical and most musicals would top my list. Have you ever been to Sight & Sound in Lancaster,PA. Now that is religious musicals at their best.

  7. RuthieJ- I will have to rent Connie and Carla at the video store as I have never heard of it. I too like more music than I dislike.

    Lynne- I would love to take you to this musical! even if I had to drive to Minnesota. Maybe Art would like this one, lots of lively 60's music rather than more standard show tunes.

    Mary- You love music and love to dance. You must go. And your daughter!

    CiceroSings- The title Hairspray reflects all that is shallow and external about the society portrayed in the movie. The main character's hair deflates at the end and she is done with the poofy styles. You have to watch to see why that happened. If it doesn't come to a theatre near you, do rent it when it comes out.
    (It was filmed in Toronto and Hamilton ON)

    OmaLois- You have good music tastes. I saw Daniel in PA a few years ago. It was a little over the top for me and left nothing for me imagine or contemplate. I like plays that are a little more subtle. But that was just one of their plays. Most people I know love the shows there.

  8. I need a movie recommendation. And John Travolta in drag! It's good to get a thumbs up from you.

    I listen to the light jazz my hubby plays. Otherwise I find music requires me to go with it. Guess I'm reluctant to follow. I don't completely understand this.

    Now - I'll go to any LIVE concert and revel in the experience. (No acid rock or rap, please:0)

  9. I can't believe I saw Hairspray 3 times...now I have to go back to see Transformers for a 4th time so that I know what my standards are!!! :P

  10. Cathy- How nice to have a resident musician, and one who plays light jazz. I love real instruments (especially acoustic) and live concerts are great. The crowd adds energy that cannot be felt on a recording. Pre-recorded accompaniments, while OK for karaoke, leave me cold!

    Becka- You enjoyed Hairspray all three times, admit it! Thankfully I don't have to go to Transformers with you. You never stated your favourite music. I don't even know what it is called. It has a beat though ;-)

  11. Anonymous7:03 am GMT-4

    I like soulful music in my range, so I can sing along. My tape of Nora Jones' Come Away with Me is just about worn out. One day I started the sentence, "If you haven't heard Nora Jones' Come Away with Me,"

    My daughter finished the sentence, "...then you haven't been in my mom's car."

  12. Anonymous7:32 pm GMT-4

    I must see that movie still, sounds like something you would recommend hehe!

    I think my musical taste is directly a product of my international upbringing. I can find things from all cultures and all generations that I enjoy. What I listen to depends on my mood. Right now I have some sweet soothing jazz but earlier today I was listening to Nightwish, a European metal band. The only music I will not listen to is that which preaches hate, like most rap out there nowadays.

  13. Jennifer- Good music has to be singable! If I cannot sing it or pick out the tune on the piano, it is too complex for me. I like Nora James too.

    Jaspenelle- Hey, Becka liked the movie too, and her tastes and mine do not often line up. There is a whole world of music out there that we don't hear in North America.

  14. Interesting-I've read your daughter's blog before, but I did not know she was your daughter.
    I don't really have a favorite music but I often listen to music that is a mix of melancholy and reflective.-Bob Dylan,Betty Cartr, Billie Holiday,Chopin,Sonny Rollins,Bob Seger,Neil Young,Elvis Gospel,Sentimental old style country music,-I guess I'm all over the map really.

  15. Larry- You are the Music Man!
    Yes, and Becka is my only daughter at home. She keeps me on my toes.


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