Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday DH!

Today is my husband's birthday. He is not a computer person, other than the essential use of it at his workplace. He checks his email at work only and has never really understood the blogging world or the use of a computer for pleasure! I do hope he checks this post though.

We share a love of the outdoors, his pleasure being fishing, but he also enjoys going for walks with me. I don't really fish, but enjoy being out in a boat. He has a very good eye for wildlife and birds.

There is no kinder man anywhere. If you lived on our street and needed help with your snow or grass, he would be the first to offer assistance. The older people at our church all love him as he seeks them out to speak to them and ask how they are doing. He picks up dozens of eggs near his workplace and delivers them to friends every other week at farm prices. He does the same with fresh chickens and turkeys when he hears they are available from local farmers.

His biggest passion is hockey and he plays goal three times a week in the Old Timers league and is an avid fan of our local Junior A team. He works hard outdoors at our home and I never have to clear snow or cut the grass. He will spend an evening pulling weeds by hand from the lawn. My mother once commented that the front yard looked like him, and the backyard looked like three children and a dog. Yes, the fence does hide a contrasting view. (The girls no longer have a sandbox or swing set in the back but the dog still is hard on the lawn)

We were young when we were married and have developed into different people than we were in our 20's. Men of my husband's generation have had to adjust to wives who lead very different lives than their mothers did. He has supported my career but when the children were young, I was able to stay at home with them except for casual part time work.

So Happy Birthday with lots of love! Here's hoping we have many happy and healthy years ahead.


  1. Ruth, what a nice thing to do for a wonderful husband. I hope he reads this. Both of you are photogenic.

    Wish him a Happy Birthday from Mary in Blogland.

  2. Trying to think of something sarcastic or otherwise appropriate, but I am sure it would blow up in my face after all the nice things you said about him.
    Who would have thought that my expert advice and chaperoning would have led to this.
    Happy Birthday Tim

    P.S. Come fishing in the Gulf with us.

  3. I'm sure he will be pleased and touched to read this.

  4. That's such a nice picture of the two of you! You wrote a very nice tribute to your wonderful husband- I hope he has a terrific birthday.

  5. He even looks kind! Happy Birthday Ruth's husband!

    (Nice picture too)

  6. Oh, Ruth, this is such a beautiful picture - Happy Birthday to your husband - he sounds like a real dear.

  7. What a lovely tribute Ruth. Happy, happy birthday to your dear hubby!

  8. What a very special post. You two are extremely fortunate and I'm sure you have both put a lot of effort into that fortune. Congratulations to you both for finding and hanging on to one another and Happy birthday!

  9. What a lovely tribute! Any you are both photogenic.:)

  10. Happy Birthday to Ruth's Spousal Unit! May you celebrate many more together.

  11. I whole heartedly agree with a comment I read on facebook "he's a keeper". Nice birthday blog to a very kind, humorous, and gentle person.

  12. Happy Birthday, Ruth's husband. If she vouches for you, you must be all right.
    I too hope he reads this post--what a loving tribute.
    I agree--what a great photo of the two of you.
    And, I have to ask, does his shirt say--Fishermen don't die; they just smell that way? I was trying to figure out what it might say--and that's what I came up with!

  13. Thank you all for wishing Tim a Happy Birthday. We are seldom photogenic, but this picture turned out for both of us. And yes Donna, that is what his shirt said. I wouldn't let him wear it in public after this picture was taken ;-)!
    SLB- that would be quite a fishing trip!

  14. Ruth,
    Lovely words and picture!
    Tell hubbie this is part of the fun with a blog--whenever he needs a lift, he can just find your post and read it over again!
    This made me smile, especially the part about him hauling eggs and chickens and turkeys to all his friends...

  15. Happy birthday Uncle Tim! I haven't seen him in years... (thought I haven't seen you in years either, though I suppose blogging makes you feel closer!) I remember him being really fun and kind and realllly tall.

    I also remember a lot of story Dad told me about how he tormented the two of you while you were dating. ;)

  16. Great photo! That was a real nice post you did about him.-Happy Birthday to your husband!

  17. Thanks Laurie, Jas and Larry! I made Tim read all the comments and he enjoyed them.

  18. Sent Tim a card to his rogers email. He is a wonderful son-in-law. I couldn't ask for better. You chose someone so like your Dad. A great compliment.
    Love you, Tim !!!

  19. Ruth,

    Isn't it wonderful to be in love with a kind man? Happy Birthday to your special fella.


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