Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Marking Time

She doesn't say tick, she doesn't say tack,
she has no bell, she has no beat.
If the sun is shining she works,
and if it's cloudy she stops.

I love sundials. My sundial has been out in the garden this winter but access to it is difficult with the deep snow in the yard. Besides, most days have been cloudy and timeless. If time only passed on sunny days, we would be still be very young.

The sun is now high enough to shine on its face and take its hourly journey around the circle. At least that was the case when we enjoyed three consecutive days of sunshine over the weekend. Today, the clouds have returned and snow is falling once again...

...but the roses will soon climb up the trellis and open in the sunlight. My sundial repeats the first line of this poem.

Warm summer sun, shine kindly here.
Warm southern wind, blow softly here...

And so it shall be.


  1. Lovely post, Ruth. We have a sundial but I have no idea where it is - time to through some boxes.

  2. A sundial would look nice around the pond. Hmmm. You have me thinking...

  3. Anonymous2:07 pm GMT-5

    I like sundials, too...neat instruments. It's a wistful time right now.

  4. Yes, Ruth! And so shall it be! Lovely post about the lights return.

  5. I love sundials, too, Ruth! If only time ticked on sunny days - we would be so young in the north!

  6. Anonymous7:33 pm GMT-5

    I just love sundials and still waiting to find the most perfect one for my garden! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ahh--you are another one of those anxious for the warmer weather.
    I am fine with winter cold--but today we had loads of rain and cold cold air. Yecchhh. Give me snow any day.
    I love the sundial!

  8. Sometimes I think time stands still on sunny days.-Let time pass on the cloudy ones.-I've never given much thought about sundials but I did enjoy the way you wrote the post.-very nice.

  9. What a gorgeous picture of the sundial in the snow, Ruth, and lovely thoughts about sunshine.

  10. Jean- When you find it, you will have to share it with us.

    Mary- There are many interesting types of sundials. I would say your pond needs one. :-)

    April- I can hardly think about winter any more. We have had 3 solid months of it with no end in sight.

    Cathy- The light is the only thing that assures me that spring is coming.

    Pam- Yes, we would be young! I would tolerate cloudy days better if they didn't count.

    Monarch- You can go quite pricey for the most perfect sundial. Maybe I will start a collection for you.

    KGMom- We are getting more snow on Friday and my husband is saying, "Where will we put it?!" I'll take a gentle, non-freezing rain now.

    Larry- Thanks... I agree that perfect sunny days outdoors can be timeless, especially when you have time just to be out for pleasure. I am looking forward to our long summer days.

    Evelyn- Thanks. Will have to check out your new site!

  11. Great sundial pictures but ooooh, I'm beginning to long for those crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer :-)


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