Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sun Day Post

We had one day of gorgeous winter sun last week. Sunny days are a golden treasure in the midst of snow and ice storms, cloud and wind. As harsh as winter is right now, the sun is higher and stronger even when we don't see it and speaks that spring is near. I left late for work on Thursday morning as our street was impassable due to the unplowed, deep snow from the storm that ended the night before. As I cleaned my vehicle off, I heard the unmistakable spring song of the White-throated Sparrow...

dear sweet Canada Canada Canada

This is their northern edge of their winter range and most of these sparrows will not return until about April. There were other birds singing spring songs on this bright morning as they responded to the sunrise.

The pictures above were all taken that day. A group of us went out for lunch and sat in a sunny room. No one asked for the blinds to be closed. The sun cast long tree shadows on the white snow outside the hospital and a Goldfinch basked in the warmth outside the window. The nearby ski club has built a tubing park and youngsters slid down the hill and then rode to the top on a lift.

"Keep your faith in beautiful things;
in the sun when it is hidden,
in the Spring when it is gone."

Roy R. Gibson


  1. Nice encouragement as I see another 10 inches falling today. Thanks for the reminder of Spring.

  2. Thank goodness for sunny days. They will get you through. The end of winter is near, Ruth.

  3. Anonymous8:12 pm GMT-5

    O my, we have been getting hit with winter also! I so would love to hear a white-throated sparrow singing right now! I had one at the feeder yesterday! I think I need sun!

  4. Ruth--your post sent me scurrying off to my bird website, so I could click on the song of a white-throated sparrow.

  5. Hi Ruth,
    I like that the White-Throated Sparrows changes their song when they cross over into Canada....ours in Minnesota still sing for Sam Peabody ;-)
    P.S. I have an award for you over on my blog.

  6. Beth- You are getting a lot of snow your way! We have had 2 snowfalls of 12 inches, but that is exceedingly rare in our area. we seldom get more than 3-4 inches at a time.

    Mary- Sunny days do bolster the spirit!

    Monarch- I would love to see a white-throated sparrow at my feeder by the bully house sparrows hang out too much.

    KGMom- I think their song is one of the loveliest of spring.

    Ruthie- Patriotic sparrows! Let the hearer interpret the song :-)
    Thanks for the award.


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