Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Flowers: Spring Crocus

My husband gave these crocuses along with some good dark chocolate for my birthday last week. He knows I prefer potted plants to cut flowers and will put the bulbs in the garden in the spring. It was exactly one year ago that I wrote my first Friday Flowers post. I must have been experiencing midwinter doldrums at the time. I found a piece of paper in my hospital day timer from last February outlining some ideas for flower posts. (They were written during our weekly team meeting...ho hum!)

Other bloggers have been featuring some lovely flower posts lately, knowing we are all craving warmth and colour in the north. Share Lynne at Hasty Brook's visit to the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mary at Mary's Corner of the World from San Jose, California posted pictures of her December garden and another recent flower post here! Melissa of Empress of Dirt, an avid gardener, is a blogger from my area. Her January post called Faces in the Garden is most inviting. Nature Woman has featured an interesting flower closeup this week. And Mary of Mary's View has forsythia blooming in her area already!

I haven't tired of flower posts yet and know that spring will soon bring more inspiration and beauty.


  1. I write shopping lists during our weekly team meetings when they start to go off on tangents...may as well do something useful! I love croci...we won't see any till April or May. When we lived near Vancouver, they'd be out in January.

  2. I love your Friday Flower posts and actually thought about it first thing this morning as I turned on the computer--flowers seem very far away right now and under about 5 feet of snow. Thanks for the color

  3. Love your crocus Ruth! What a nice gift. :c)

  4. Anonymous7:58 am GMT-5

    Gorgeous reminder that spring is on the way. But I'd still like to enjoy the snow for a few more weeks, thank you very much!

  5. I remember your first Friday Flowers post (a year already?!) and have enjoyed them since.

  6. I just came from a post that featured daffodils. I guess people are getting antsy for spring.

  7. I'm antsy as I look at a foot of snow(at least) on the level -grrrr

  8. Anonymous1:43 pm GMT-5

    Absolutely gorgeous! Happy belated birthday.

  9. Ruth,

    Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

    I love crocus. They are so vibrant and bring thoughts of spring. Thank you for sharing these lovelies.

    Please drop by and enter my Easter giveaway. Hope you have a great weekend.


  10. Karen- Tangents! Exactly what makes meetings intolerable. I always make sure I have something else to do with me.

    Beth- Thanks...I may not be inspired every Friday until spring really does arrive.

    Jayne- Nice short-lived blooms, but they will come up again next spring (if the squirrels don't find them!)

    Jennifer- I hope you get a BIG dose of winter soon to get it out of your system for a year! ;-) It has snowed here all day and continues to do so.

    Mary- Where does time go?! Faster ever year, that is for sure.

    AC- I think most people (except Winterwoman) would be happy if spring came tomorrow.

    Jean- You do have a lot of snow. I hope you didn't have to shovel it.

    April- Thanks a lot!

    Mary- You and I are getting a lot more winter for sure this weekend, but the crocus blooms will come before long.

  11. I don't mind seeing flowers in the middle of the winter. It makes for a nice coming attraction!-nice crocus by the way.

  12. Larry- Yes, flowers are nice as white pictures are getting tiresome.

  13. Hi Ruth - thanks so much for mentioning my two recent posts. I hope everyone enjoyed them. I returned from my trip to Las Vegas and hope to post something about it in the next couple days. But then with all the snow, ice and frigid temps the northern midwest folks have received, it seems I may need to post another "flower" post. ;o) I hope you are staying warm and enjoying your potted crocus.


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