Monday, June 08, 2009


Yesterday I posted a picture of 200 balloons being released at our church and decided to follow up with another balloon story.

We seldom go to movies but our (adult) daughters encouraged us to go see the movie UP. It has been years since I saw an animated feature film that I really liked (Beauty and the Beast) and the initial previews of UP did not interest me in the least. But the promise of 3-D glasses and a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes convinced me to give it a try.

I was in tears before the end of the first 15 minutes of the movie. (the Becka rolls her eyes)

This story is written for all ages and is about love, loss, aging, hope, relationships and fulfilling dreams. Here is what I learned from the movie.
  • Life is a series of happy and sad events
  • Dreams can be fulfilled in ways we do not expect
  • The past can tie us down
  • Disposing of old baggage allows us to soar
  • Our heroes may disappoint us
  • Ordinary people can be heroes
  • Those we have loved are always with us
  • The old need the young
  • The young need the old
The new 3-D glasses are way better than the old paper ones which had one blue lens and one red lens and made me feel nauseous. Go and see the movie, even without a child.

btw... Anvil Cloud asked the question, "Are balloons bad for birds and the environment?" Apparently not.

About 95% of balloons released into the atmosphere rise to an altitude of approximately five miles. The temperature here is about -20 degrees. The balloons actually freeze in the jet-stream and become brittle before shattering in a state called "brittle fracture". What that means is that the balloon is reduced to pieces about the size of a ten cent piece, where they flutter back to earth to finish decomposing. There is no known and proven death of sea life attributed to natural, latex, balloons. This should not be confused with plastic which, unlike balloons, is not immediately 100% biodegradable. (source)


  1. I'm planning to go with a friend this week. I've heard only wonderful comments about this movie. Thanks for the review!

  2. Hi Ruth......when it comes to the UK, I shall be going......

    Thank you for the review....and I love your list of things you learned from it.....

    I have always worried about releasing have made me feel better.....

  3. I'm glad to read the movie review. Maybe we can go while the grandkids are visiting in a few weeks.

  4. I called our son for a chat last night, and he & his wife had seen UP. He too recommended it.
    It's on my list to see.

  5. Looks like a fun movie.

    Very interesting about the baloons.

  6. Cool! Love those balloons. And the movie looks good too. I like your list - looks like we all can learn from a good movie.

  7. I'll definitely have to go and see this movie ... looks like fun. I quite like children's movies ... too many years of teaching Sunday School!

  8. Wow, wow, what an amazing sight those 200 balloons! thanks for sharing:)

  9. We saw the previews for this when we were in Nashville back in May, and it looked like something Sam might like. Nice to know I'd like it too. Thanks for the review Ruth!

  10. Ruth I took the boys last Friday and I too thought it was a great story. It makes you see that life brings things that interrupt our plans....but thats okay. I loved it.

  11. I see lots of movies and this one wasn't on my list. I probably passed it by because it was animated. Since it has come out I have heard how many people have throughly enjoyed it. From young ones (age 2) to adults (age???) Thanks for your insights... I will have to make sure I see it now.

    The picture of ALL those balloons is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I sooo want to see this movie..
    thanks for the review and the lessons we all need to learn!


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