Monday, June 29, 2009

June Babies: Barn Swallows

Earlier this year Cheryl sent me a picture of Barn Swallow babies in a nest at the farm where her family lives. This week she invited us up for a visit to the farm as this year's baby swallows were growing quickly. We were not disappointed and had a lovely afternoon with her very hospitable family! There were a few nests in the barn, but this one had six birds in it. Five are visible in the picture above.

The sixth is visible in the back right corner of the nest in this shot. They were watching the parent coming in the window with some food. What a hungry bunch. These youngsters were "potty trained" already. They turned around in the nest and defecated on the floor below. A couple were exercising their wings and I am sure they will fledge very soon.

The parent would not come to the nest when I stood right under it, so this picture was taken at a respectful distance.

There was so much to enjoy at the farm and I will post more pictures another time. Right now it is time for a break,

...a break from the daily routine, from the internet and computer

...time to relax, refresh and recharge.

See you in a couple of weeks!


  1. Awwww, they are so cute!! Sounds like you had a fun time at the farm. It's nice to have a change of scenery (one of my mom's favourite expressions). Enjoy your time away. Can you believe, June's almost done!!

  2. Always love to see baby barn swallows. They really are cute--and all mouth (or beak).

  3. They are adorable. Glad you enjoyed the farm. Have a nice break.

  4. The swallow babies are adorable. We have a nest on the porch but haven't seen any little heads peeking out yet.
    Have a wonderful and relaxing break.

  5. Great shots.Have a wondeful restful time.

  6. I still smile when I see them. This is nature at it's best and I was very happy to share it with you. I'm sure that they will be gone on my next visit to the farm. But there should be new ones again later in the summer...can't wait!

    Enjoy you break!!

  7. They are so cute. Do they fly south to Australia? The Siberians do, and have a trnasit in Borneo.

  8. That's so cool the way they line up
    in the nest. Nice photos-enjoy your break!

  9. What wonderful photos Ruth, and what a joy it must have been to see them in the nest. :c) Have some restorative time away. We'll be here when you get back.

  10. Ruth,

    The baby swallows are adorable and it looks like they are about ready to fly out of the nest. This brought back memories. Swallows always made a nest in Dad's shed.

    Enjoyed your post about your grandmother's flowers.

    Happy Canada Day, my friend.

  11. Hi Ruth....absolutely beautiful photographs and a pleasure to see. They are such special little birds.

    Do have a lovely break and enjoy the time with your family......

  12. SO SWEET! Have a good break and enjoy being unplugged!

  13. I have many photos of swallows in my phone but nothing as beautiful as yours.

  14. Nice pictures of those cute babies Ruth.
    Hope you have a great vacation!

  15. The babies look like little old men! so cute. Have a great break.

  16. Ruth and was a pleasure have you both at the farm. The barn swallows are one of my favourite birds. I love the way they swoop and skim over the pond to catch bugs. The have a constant chatter.
    Looking forward to another visit.

  17. Awww ..these photos are too precious!


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