Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Grey Days

This spring has been chilly and wet with many grey days. The sunny days have also been cool and April seemed warmer than June has been so far. Yesterday we took a group of patients outdoors to do some container gardening. Most of them wore jackets and sweaters and they got the plants out just before a heavy downpour. I haven't been venturing out on many trails lately, puddling about the garden instead most evenings.

My seedlings and flowers which haven't been eaten by the red squirrels and visiting rabbits are established but need some warm temperatures to grow.

Here are some recent photos to celebrate the colour grey.

The owners of the Bed and Breakfast we visited in May had two outdoor cats;- a very friendly orange one and this grey one who always observed us from a distance with a distinct attitude. I have never had a cat, and have no particular desire to own one, but this pair behaved well and left the birds alone, even the baby robins in a knee level nest near the pond.

I have seen Northern Shrikes only a handful of times and enjoyed watching this juvenile hunting from a fence along a rural road. It would zip down to the ground and return just a quickly to its perch.

And this is a picture of the first and only Mockingbird I have seen. They are uncommon in Southern Ontario and this one was in a field near the north shore of Lake Erie. Its cousin, the Grey Catbird is very common, and I was happy to get the shot of this bird from the car.

The sun is supposed to appear by the weekend so grey will will be the shade of the week. The time for other colours will come and one of these days I may even be complaining about the heat.


  1. Gotta love "puddling about the garden." It's really puddling here this morning.

  2. I loved this post. Definitely makes the best of the grey days. Hope you will have sunshine soon.

  3. You made just gray beautiful and exciting! Loved the birds!

  4. Great grays. It's been gray here also and predicted for more days to come.

    Enjoy your garden.

  5. Hi Ruth....I have never owned a cat either. I am by nature a doggy person....
    I can see that the cat has attitude....I must admit the photo made me smile...

    We have had several days of grey, cold and damp.....the sunshine should arrive by the end of the week.....

  6. Grey can be such a lovely colour. Thanks for the reminder.
    Love the grey kitty--I must say, we have had quite a few cats, to go along with our dogs, and I love them all.

  7. I hear you.We too have had cold and grey days and did I mention rain?Your pictures are great.Yes warm weather will come.

  8. Wow..I am amazed that you haven't seen many mockingbirds...I guess i just take it for granted...there are so many around here..didn't realize they werent in your area..

    I love the shrike photos..they certainly are beautiful birds1

  9. Nicest description of a gray day; there's beauty in everything!

  10. I have to wear a gray uniform everyday to work. It is not my favorite colour. But if I could look at gray cats, birds, rabbits and squirrels all day long...gray certainly would move higher in the ranks.

    I'm a cat person (and a dog, horse, pig, cow...love them all). Cats can be loyal and loveable just like dogs. Give it a shot! I have two 16 year orange cats and I have to say they have been my best friends. Can't imagine life without them.
    Thanks for making gray a wonderful color.

  11. Seems wherever we go, it's raining! I agree, I think it was warmer in April. Ah well, soon, soon....

    Nice shot of the mockingbird. I've never seen one at all. Seems like birds are changing from their usual habitat. Cute kitties too!

  12. We've been having a lot of grey days, too. I've never seen a mockingbird in Utah. I look forward to seeing them and hearing their song whenever I go south.

  13. Ruth,

    Well today wasn't too bad. It didn't rain at least. I did a little outside work, but it was chilly until late afternoon. Then I picked the boys up from school. Brandon had shopping to do.

    Lovely shot of the mockingbird. I have never seen one here in Ontario, but have seen them in Arkansas.

    Hope you're enjoying your week.

  14. Those cats are pretty smart to leave the birds alone! Maybe they're well fed already.

  15. Ruth, it's already been in the 90's (32-34C) here with high humidity. We had a really wet May, but June is stacking up to be a bit warmer and dryer now. I hope your temps pick up a bit, and that the days begin to be filled with blue skies.

    Love the shrike photos!

  16. Oh This Is Great !! All Creatures In Grey Color !! I Think You Are Celebrating Grey Day..Very Well Captured Images !! Great..Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

  17. Ruth, I love your close-up of the Northern Shrike and that mockingbird sighting is great too! I've never seen one in Minnesota although I believe they're summer residents here.

  18. Mexico Mom11:03 pm GMT-4

    I'm surprised no one has commented on the design formed by the upper and lower legs of your excellent cat picture. The first thing I saw was the perfect image of an owl's face.
    All of its markings are beautiful and interesting.


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