Sunday, March 20, 2011

HaPpY SpRiNg!!

The super full moon arrived just before the spring equinox which is the reason Easter is so late this year. Our skies were mainly cloudy on Saturday and I was disappointed that I could not see the full moon rise at dusk. Anvilcloud wrote from the Ottawa area,
"Just saw it very low over the horizon on our way home. Very big and orange. Hope you get to see it too." 

My husband stepped out around 10 PM and noticed the skies had cleared and the moon was finally visible. By this time it was high in the sky but it was large and bright. There really is no way to show that this moon is closer to earth than it has been in 18 years.

I am happy that the spring is here with each day bringing more light and new life. A couple of weeks ago I brought some pussywillow and forsythia twigs indoors and forced them to open in the warmth of the house. They sit in an arrangement beside me as a prelude to the season ahead.

"Come, gentle Spring!  Ethereal Mildness!  Come."
  James Thomson  

Here are some amazing pictures of the Super Full Moon from around the world.


  1. Happy Spring!!! So glad it's finally here. Even if it already feels like summer in TX. Nice shots of the "super" moon. Looked like a normal full moon to me.

  2. Quite a synchronicity with the moon and the equinox occurring virtually simultaneously.

  3. Absolutely stunning shots! The last few days have been refreshing with the onsite of spring. It feels good to leave the winter coat in the closet.

  4. I saw the moon rise yesterday. It was stunning! Unfortunately, my pics did not do it justice, so I deleted them.

    Spring is definitely here. A snowstorm is predicted for tomorrow. A sure sign of spring in Montreal! LOL!
    p.s. - at least we know the snows from these early spring storms will melt soon.

  5. The moon looks great,I did not get to see it because of heavy cloud cover.Hope your day will be full of joy.

  6. Happy 1St day of Spring Ruth! Your moon shot is exceptional! Mother nature is being gentle to us today with a high of 80. Bring it on I say! My bones are ready to shake off the cold weather.

  7. Wow, great photos, Ruth. I especially like the moon with the branches across.

  8. If I'm being honest I have to say I was not very impressed with the super moon.

    I've seen the moon on low on the horizon in October when it looks huge and orange.I know that it is an optical illusion but it still looks amazing to me when it happens.Any way,thanks for the great photos you took-they look better than what I saw out my back door that night! BTW-I enjoy reading your spiritual posts.


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