Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Grandma's Bird Club

Aurora Ontario Bird Club

I have been going through boxes of pictures and books that came from Grandma’s house and happened to find her birding scrapbook.

On May 3, 1937, Grandma and a few of her friends took the inaugural hike of their newly formed bird club. She recorded that they saw a purple grackle, king fisher, and red winged blackbird. This was the beginning of a long list of bird sightings that were written in her journal over her lifetime.

The local paper reported on some of their adventures and on January 11, 1942, local and Toronto members of the Field Naturalists Club banded a Canada Jay or whisky jack at the family farm. These birds are not commonly seen in Southern Ontario.

In an age of instant information and internet access, this aging, yellowed scrapbook is a meticulous and loving record of a favourite hobby.


  1. ...and scrapbooking continues to run in the family, doesn't it?

    I didn't know she formed a bird club (along with friends of course)!

  2. I love to scrapbook, even know I have a digital one on the computer it can't replace a hardcopy my kids and their kids may look through years from now...


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