Thursday, August 10, 2006

Most of us go to our grave with our music still
inside of us. Anon
Musical Aunt spent many patient years giving me piano lessons. I did not inherit her brilliant talent, but making my own music gives me much pleasure.
I frequently play the piano at a seniors’ home. The residents love to come and sing three chord melodies that they grew up with. I have seen people with advanced dementias, who are unable to carry on a conversation, sing entire songs with gusto.
Music truly is hidden in the soul.
I recently read that singing is on the decline in North America. I remember Mom singing as she worked around the house. I am more likely to turn on some recorded music. Each person can easily plug into their own little genre in a very passive way.
The Becka listens to music I do not understand. I could never reproduce it on the piano.
I asked her what she was going to sing at her nursing home on music night.
So she drew me some pictures…
(click on pictures for enlarged view)


  1. Anonymous2:57 pm GMT-4

    *laughs* Becka is so right too!

    I sing as I do house chores (and at work sometimes), but I am in the bardic guild in the medeival group I am in and always practicing (Michael is teaching me to sing and play the piano.) I think music is food for the soul.

  2. I am glad you are not afraid to sing. American Idol has made it too acceptable to ridicule people for their music. Enjoy the piano...not as portable as a guitar, but it is the best instrument!


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