Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Durban , South Africa circa 1960
Sandland Brother has a post today about a sailing club on the Arabian Gulf. This photo shows Sandland and I as children playing in a tidal pool on the Indian Ocean. These types of early experiences really do influence you for a lifetime. This photo was taken by Grandma when she came to visit us in South Africa for six months. I am impressed with how the Kodachrome slides have stayed so colourful over the past 45 years. Dad has boxes of slides. I am begging him to give them to me so I can scan and share them!

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  1. I got a letter in the mail from Nana and Bubba today, I was talking to Michael about remembering Mexioc when I was little (especially Uncle Stephen's) - memories really do influence you though I think our entire family seems to end up with some kind of connection to the ocean.
    Genetic? ;)


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