Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vietnamese Soup
We love to try various ethnic foods. My daughters get frustrated with friends who like the same, bland North American restaurants all the time. In our city were have great eateries serving a variety of cuisines.
Between 1978 and 1980 Canada accepted more than 60,000 refugees from Indo-China. Various church groups and individuals sponsored these “boat people” and helped them adjust to life in a new, peaceful country. Our daughter became friends with a nursing classmate whose family had come to Canada at that time. She introduced us to this restaurant which has become one of our favourites.
Pho is a delicious meat broth served with rice noodles, fresh Thai basil, bean sprouts and lime. Hot chili pepper sauce can be added to taste. The small order costs a modest $5.00 and is at least a 4 cup serving. The green tea is complementary. It is eaten with chopsticks and a small spoon, but you will be given more standard utensils if you ask. If I feel the slightest hint of a head cold coming on, a bowl of Pho is a certain cure. There are many Viet-Thai restaurants in southern Ontario now and it is no surprise that they are so popular…tasty and healthy food service…modest price.


  1. Big community in Paris also. I learned to love Pho too at a small family eatery. Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most overlooked and wonderful cuisines in my opinion.

  2. The French actively colonized Indo China so I am not surprised that there is a Viet community in Paris. Any other enthic cuisines you would recommend?

  3. I think I remember that small eatery Dad...

    Ah I love Pho, it is such a challenge to get Michael to eat at ethnically diverse places (though admittedly in Spokane many of them has over inflated prices) - but he will chow down if I make them myself.

    Moroccan and Indian cuisin is by far my favorite, both for the relaxed eating style and the wonderful and simple food. Mmm tagine...

  4. Moroccan food...mmmm....sounds good, but I have never had it. I will have to search it out. Yes, Indian food is wonderful and I am starting to learn how to make some simple dishes.


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