Thursday, March 29, 2007

Family Weddings

I have a number of cousins who are close to me in age. In the 1970's there were several weddings in the family as we all paired off at relatively young ages. Most of us now have grown children, a few of whom are married as well.
Grandma T., lovely in red, was looking happy to attend her granddaughter's wedding in this picture. I hate to admit this, but I cannot remember whose wedding this was, or the date the scanned slide was taken. One of my younger cousins is in the far left corner with the flower in her hair. Her sister was the flower girl at my wedding somewhere in this time period.

My beautiful Flower Girl cousin was married last Saturday in this lovely, intimate setting. My uncle, Oma Lois' husband, is the minister performing the ceremony. I wish them every happiness and blessing as they begin their life together.

God, the best maker of all marriages,
combine your hearts in one, your realms in one.

William Shakespeare


  1. Ruth, your cousin was a beautiful bride. I was married in 75 and attended many weddings around that time. Hey, is that a "leisure suit" that guy is wearing? Haven't seen one of those in a few decades...

  2. Mary- I was married in 75 as well. I think we are cultural twins who likely date ourselves by recognizing a leisure suit (polyester, no doubt!) ;-)

  3. Family weddings are such a wonderful reason to get together.

  4. KGMom-There just haven't been too many weddings lately, not like the 70's when the boomers were getting married en masse!


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