Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to The Becka

My "baby" is 21 years old today! She says she feels old, but what about me?!
What can I say about her ?

If she had been my first child, I may not have had any more! She challenged my parenting skills and gave me a lot more compassion for others with difficult to handle children!

She went through the terrible two's and every form of teenage rebellion by the age of five and got all the kinks out of her system early. She is a sweet, loving and sensitive daughter and is very special indeed!

As a youngster, she noticed every detail. (she still does!) She was fascinated by little insects.
To this day she recalls events and time with an accuracy that amazes me. She has an artistic gift and translates her feelings and observations into her work.

Happy Birthday Becka. You are a special gift indeed!

*original art by The Becka, used with permission


  1. Wow, that's really great art! Is she pursuing an art or design profession? It looks to me like the stuff of success.

  2. Daughters are so special--our daughter, our second child, fits the definition you gave: "If she had been my first child. . ." But now I can't imagine not having her wonderful presence in this world!
    Hope your celebration of your daughter's birthday is grand--and hers too!

  3. Anonymous3:30 pm GMT-5

    I love my cousin Becka, and her mom of course! And the love them share for each others, it is a beautiful thing to see. :) Have a great day you two!

  4. What a grand tribute and a treasure to keep in your lifetime scrapbook. It sings with your warmth.

  5. Mothers and Daughters are so special. Becka's work is very expressive and interesting! She's heading toward a profession in the arts?

    Happy Birthday, Becka! You're legal now!

  6. Happy Birthday to your baby - all grown up now!

  7. Thanks mom!!!!! I'm excited about the trip tomorrow!!!!! :D :D :D
    And thank you everyone for your comments and good wishes!

  8. A happy belated birthday to Becca.

  9. Happy belated Birthday to Becka!! Her artwork is awesome!

  10. You and I are "blessed" with special daughters. Two months apart but almost like sisters at times. But she is a reflection of her parent's love and her mother's latent talent.
    See a part of yourself in her too.


    I am a proud uncle by proxy

  11. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. Rebecca appreciated them so much. She is doing some free lance work now as she decides what to do in the future. Graphic design programs at colleges here have many more applicants than spaces.
    SLB- we really are blessed with special daughters.

  12. Happy belated birthday, Becka. I love the grasshopper drawing!

  13. Thank you Burning Silo :)


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