Thursday, March 01, 2007



wind, warming

emptiness, expectation, equinox

melting snow, mud, maple syrup

robins, rain, rebirth

shamrocks, sunlight,



  1. I like your transforming words. We're getting dumped with snow today so I need all the hope I can get!

    You picture is lovely too- the blue so intense it almost hurts my eyes.

  2. Yesterday was a gorgeous day when I took this picture. Today we are being hammered by the same storm as you...heavy snow now, but 12 hours of freezing rain promised later. March has roared in!

  3. Your description of Winter to Spring are so well written, Ruth!

    I wish the snow to leave soon, finally... We've had 1/2 inch this year. How many inches have you had? 40 or more?

  4. I remember writing this type of poem in high school - remind me what it's called again?

    Is it cinquain?

    Perfect time of year for the contrasts this *in between* time is all about.

  5. Mary- Yesterday we had another 6 inches topped with 1/2 inch of thick ice from freezing rain. I am nervous about walking to my car! Total snowfall here?...I couldn't even guess, but it is a lot!

    Laura- I didn't follow any specific form, but just wrote down some March words and somehow they fit together like that. My poetry is usually very random! ;)


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