Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Spring Footwear

I bought a pair of black rubber rain boots last fall, but never needed to wear them until this week. My hiking boots were soaking wet inside and very muddy outside after my last walk, as the puddles on the trails were deeper than the soles. I doubt you will see these boots in the fashion runways of Milan, but they are just right for me. My daughters always loved their rubber boots and would find puddles to jump and splash in.
Funny, that is what I felt like doing today.

The bush still has a good snow cover, but beneath the crust, you can hear flowing water. The ice has softened so the danger of sliding has minimized considerably compared to a few days ago. I was looking for skunk cabbage shoots, or other types of new growth, but could find nothing yet. It will likely be April before the early wildflowers start to show above the ground. Some years the pussy willows are out in this area by the end of March, but there were none to be found today.

I saw a number of cardinals and when I first saw this bird, I thought it was one of the females. Wow! The Cedar Waxwings have returned. This is the best picture I could get in the poor light, but I was pleased to get it nevertheless. Check out Mary's posts from February 14 and February 16th for much better pictures of these beautiful birds. I am glad she has sent a few of them north. I also saw a number of returning Common Grackles and three lovely Red-Breasted Nuthatches, who all refused to stay still long enough to be photographed.

The robins are becoming abundant, but the ground is not yielding any worms yet. This robin was busy eating berries from a sumac bush.
It is supposed to be mild and rain tomorrow. I will be going out again with my new boots and an umbrella. Weekends are too short for staying indoors.


  1. I agree, Ruth! Rubber boots are the best for splashing around. Good to see spring birds are back. The cedar waxwing and robin photos are great! Thanks for the mention, too. Have fun this weekend.

  2. Anonymous7:48 am GMT-4

    Great photos - birds are so difficult to photograph, but you did a great job. I wasn't sure one could still find plain rubber boots! I might have to find me a pair too.

  3. LOVE those boots!! :c) Splash away Ruth! I'd love to see your red breasted nuthatch sometime.

  4. Cedar waxwings--and here I am stuck with same old same old birds. Although our robins are busily pulling worms from the ground, so we have thawed out.

  5. I left my rubber boots in Montana. I may have to search out another pair because it has been raining here for two days and my hiking/walking boots are wet.

    Great photos and I agree about weekends being too short to stay inside.

  6. I was out at the beach yesterday with my umbrella and the camera like a silly Spring-starved fool!

    Those woods look like great fun with the right footwear.

  7. That's kind of funny because I had run my hiking shoes down to the point that the sides ripped.-I felt great when I bought a new pair of waterproof hiking boots.-Also-I have not seen a Cedar Waxwing since last fall.-I'm looking forward to seeing one.

  8. Oh, come on, Ruth. Rubber boots will be ALL THE THING in Paris! You trendsetter, you!
    I saw pussy willows today with yellow-green buds, and I did the Snoopy dance...I will send warm Spring vibes up your way.

  9. Mary- I guess I feel younger than I am...can't be a bad thing.

    LauraO- I have oodles of bad pictures for each better one. Digital cameras are great.

    Jayne- I thought I saw a red breasted nuthatch one day, but wasn't sure. On this day I had a really good view and was able to ID the birds. I was close, but their downward spiral on the trees was so fast, my shutter always just missed them.

    KGMom- I have the same birds in my yard and only see something different in the bush or along the river. There are many birds I know are there, but they are too high up in the trees to see well.

    Laurie- My boots cost less than $20. A real bargain for dry feet.

    Laura- Spring is too short to only go out on sunny, dry days. I would walk on a beach in almost any weather.

    Larry- I doubt the cedar waxwings were nesting here. They were on the move. I don't see them very often.

    Susan- Your area is so warm compared to here. My parents are driving from Cincinnati to our house on Tuesday...about 500 miles I think. But we are not 500 miles north! Rubber boots may hit Paris. It seems the strangest fashion do.


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