Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring is truly here!

I instinctively felt that robins would make an appearance here this week. Yesterday the temperature rose to a balmy 12C (60F) under sunny skies. After work I rushed down to the river and walked the slushy trails while enjoying the fine afternoon. Some areas of the trail were bare, but the snow was still a foot deep in other sections.
I was looking up for birds and down for new growth and across the river for the water birds and animals. Fortunately, I did not slide in the ice and muck and land in a mess.

There were many types of vacant nests in the tree tops, some large, some tiny, some well preserved and others that definitely needed a contractor. I need to learn how to identify nests.
There were a number of open boxes nailed to trees which I assume have been put there for cavity nesting birds.
A group of Common Goldeneye ducks were rushing downstream in the fast running water. I had to move quickly to catch one with the camera.

All the usual winter birds were flitting around, chickadees, juncos, cardinals, blue jays, gray jays, downy woodpeckers, crows and sparrows. And then I saw a robin, just as I knew I would.
The weather is turning cold again tomorrow and snow is forecast for the end of the week. But do not be deceived...

Spring has come to southern Ontario!


  1. Great news, Ruth! I have been wondering for a long time when the weather will break for you. Yes, it's truly here. You are not dreaming. Enjoy outdoors!

  2. It is official, then--spring is here. Once it reaches southern Ontario, that means it is really on its way.
    I do need, however, to get the official word from my brother in Manitoba--once spring gets there, then it has to be everywhere!

  3. Yahoo! I had my first backyard robins yesterday too! It's colder and drizzly today (Wed) and we usually get snow around St. Patrick's day, but I know spring is here.

  4. Yea! So glad the robins have come to see you finally! :c)

  5. We have some Robins around through the winter, but I feel like it's finally spring once they start hopping around on the lawn searching for worms.

  6. Mary- I have been having spring previews from you for so long. It has started for sure.

    KGMom- Manitoba- Yes spring would be that short season between snow and mosquitoes. We are considerably south of that province. I have never been there...

    Lynne- It is much cooler today and we have a dusting of new snow. I know if
    it stayed as warm as it was we would be having major flooding problems. A gradual spring is safer here.

    Jayne- You know, I felt elated seeing one little bird. I even started looking at a gardening book.

    Laura- Our robins will have to eat berries as the ground is still frozen and snow covered. The worms won't be up for a while.

  7. Anonymous8:23 am GMT-4

    Well that's encouraging. If it's spring in Ontario, this cold weather and snow they're forecasting for tomorrow here can't be that serious. It was almost 70 yesterday, tomorrow the high will be 32!


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