Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ride for Dad

On my way back from an early walk this morning, I was greeted by a large parade of bikers. The police made sure they had the right of way at all intersections and we had to wait for some time before continuing home. I later found out that 618 bikes had participated in the annual Motorcycle Ride for Dad, a fundraiser that takes place near Father's Day for a cure for prostate cancer.

Bikers were rather scary people when I was growing up, sure to be drug dealers or gang members in my mind. These days, middle aged boomers are the ones buying motorcycles. A couple of my co-workers are the unlikeliest biker gals you could imagine using old stereotypes. I rode as a passenger on my brother's motorcycle in Mexico for the first time last year. He uses his bike to travel economically around town. Southwestern Ontario has an interesting biker culture and is home to the Friday the 13th gathering at Port Dover, the next date being Friday July 13, 2007. (I wrote a post last Friday, October 13 about bikers)

Cheers to all the men and women who participated in the ride for cancer today. You sure got our attention!
Any bikers out there, besides RuthieJ???


  1. We see more and more "rallies" for different causes in the biker community here as well. They've almost become the more socially active groups in these parts. From Toys for Tots to supporting children's hospitals... what a change in perception. Bravo to them!

  2. I don't ride, Ruth. My next door neighbors ride all the time and we saw them in I85 once, riding in a large group for a charity.

    Bikers are cool people - not the types I saw as a child.

    One of the men I support at the office rides his bike to and from work and asked me to take a spin with him...I'm too chicken.

  3. Hi Ruth,
    We usually do 1 benefit ride a year for the local Ronald McDonald House. It's awesome to see several hundred bikes & bikers all together in one place.

    We still occasionally see a few scary bikers out there, but I think it's changed a lot since the 60's & 70's.

    I think the most amazing thing is that total strangers will initiate conversations when we're out on the bikes--I don't know if it's because I'm a woman rider or I just don't look scary enough (even in my leathers), but it's fun to meet these people and answer their questions.

  4. Jayne- It is interesting that the biker community is socially active in your area too. They are likely "mellowed" boomers as well.

    Mary- Come on! Ride that bike, and then book a balloon ride! When I rode with my brother, I thought about dying more than once ;-) but we arrived home in one piece.

    RuthieJ- I did this post for you. You will have to write about your ride sometime.


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