Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Baby it's cold outside!

I found this robin's nest in one of the shrubs at the side of our house this afternoon. I don't know if the third egg will finish hatching. Our weather today is COLD, with frost expected overnight. Keep warm, little birds!

June 6th update ~ There are now three open mouths in the nest and mother Robin is doing fine job keeping her young ones warm.


  1. I need to look for nests more carefully this weekend.-Great Picture!

  2. Boy, they're sure cute. I'm sure their mom will take good care of them and that looks like a well-built nest with good insulating qualities.

  3. Wow, that's an AMAZING and beautiful picture!

  4. awww, soo cute! I just love this time of the year with all these babies around here!

  5. Such fragile creatures. It is amazing that birds manage to survive at all.
    But cute--yes, they are that.

  6. How sweet Ruth! That egg is almost too blue to be true, isn't it? I hope they did OK with the cool snap.

  7. That blue is so lovely! I'm amazed at how quickly baby birds go from helples, featherless little twiggy blobs to self reliant wonders.

  8. Sweet little things! I guess they're Robins? What a delightful picture.

  9. Duh-uh. Yes,I see you identified them. I love Lynne's description :0)

  10. Larry- I wouldn't have found this one if the robin hadn't flown out of the bush near my face. The picture was taken blindly with me reaching above with the camera. A very lucky shot!

    RuthieJ- You are right. They were fine, even though I was so cold I could hardly sleep last night (can't put the furnace on in June!)

    Ginger- I was so fortunate to get the egg that was still not completely hatched. I couldn't find the shells tonight though. (?)

    Monarch- Your wee chickadees are much cuter with some feathers and features. Newborns are generally cute in a homely way.

    KGMom- Yes, I can hardly imagine how weightless these babies are. Yet they grow and become independent so quickly.

    Jayne- That is unenhanced robin's egg blue.

    Cathy- Don't duh yourself! Lapses happen to me all the time ;-)

  11. It's June 6th! We've experience cold Junes before. Sorry it's so cold, Ruth. I'm sure they'll be OK if Mom is persistently on guard.

    Like Larry said, I'll need to be looking for nests, too.

  12. Anonymous6:26 pm GMT-4

    I also have a robin nest in my backyard, although they didn't hatch yet... I love robins sooooo much!you don't need to worry about coldness, the babies will be just a-ok:)

  13. Anonymous6:33 pm GMT-4

    I LOVE baby robins!here are some useful facts for you about robins:

    *the mom won't abandon the nest if you touch/hold her babies

    *don't hold the babies when they first hatch, or they'll think YOU'RE the mama!

    *robins are VERY loyal to their babies, and will protect them 24/7

    *robins are smart, and will cheep at you if you get to close to the nest(with in 15 feet!)

    *baby robins will clack their beaks at you if you pick them up, but won't do anything else!

    Hope you find this useful, enjoy:0)


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