Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Flowers: Purple and Orange

Here is another flower picture my dad took in Mexico. I wrote a Friday Flowers post last year entitled In Praise of Orange, and Dad sent me a number of unidentified orange flower pictures. I can tell you nothing about these flowers except to say they are beautiful and the scene is inviting.

So, I will talk about the words purple and orange. It is commonly said there are three words in the English language that have no words that rhyme perfectly with them. The other one is silver. Can you write a rhyming poem that has purple, orange or silver at the end of a line?

Hilary Price created a comic strip called Rhymes with Orange, playing with the singular idea that nothing rhymes with the word orange. The strips are random commentaries on the absurdities of modern life and have no recurring theme or characters. I do look forward to reading them in the daily newspaper.

Rhymes with Orange -Hilary Price

...a random end to a random and absurd week...
Have a great weekend!


  1. LOL Ruth! Now, I'll be thinking about this all weekend! Hey! Don't lots of Dr. Seuss words rhyme with purple??? ;c)

  2. My weekend started wonderfully with kudos from the ladies over 'vegetable biryani.' Dee-lish! Thanks for the recipe.

    If biryani is available in Denver, I was not clever enough to find it. In fact, it took a little work to even find curry paste. I chose green curry paste, but I think I'll use red next time to liven it up a little more. I'm e-mailing your recipe to all in last night's group at their request.

  3. I like the purple/orange combination.
    GROAN--now you have me wracking my brain trying to come of with "silver" rhymes (or orange or purple)!

  4. Ruth,

    I believe the orange flowers are Bird of Paradise, but am not positive. I have no idea what the purple ones are. They are pretty though.

    Rhymes. Since I write poetry in rhyme, you would think I could come up with something but in reality there are no words that rhyme with these perfectly.

    Have you ever visited RhymeZone? It is a dictionary and thesaurus where you can type in a word and get words that rhyme with it.

  5. Love your flowers and the purple and orange work so well together! Feels very much like fall!

  6. Your bright flowers are a treat--no matter WHERE they come from!

  7. Ruth, I always enjoy your flowers but you have me laughing out loud, thinking about words that rhyme with purple, orange, or silver for the rest of the evening :o)

    Hope your weekend was good!

  8. Jayne- Only Dr. Seuss words would work for sure!

    FM Doc-Glad the recipe worked. We are fortunate here to have an excellent selection of international foods in our supermarkets.

    KGMom- You are the poet! Let me know how you make out.

    Mary- If I were to write poetry, especially rhyming poems, I would have to quit my day job to make time! I better not try.

    Monarch- Fall seems a lifetime ago! I do miss colour right now.

    Kamdou- Thanks for your comment.

    Nina- I am having to go far afield for bright flowers for sure. I walked outdoors today, but couldn't feel any inspiration from dead teasels.

    Mary- I did have a good (busy) weekend with no rhymes.


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