Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Snow and Sledding Saucers

New Year's Day came in with a significant amount of new snow, heavy stuff that was hard to move with a shovel. Thankfully it was a holiday so there was plenty of time for my husband to move it with the snowblower.

At the end of our street is an old regional landfill site that has become a popular tobogganing hill. The Becka and I headed out with Dakota and a new flying saucer that Becka had received as a Christmas gift from one of her good humoured friends. The temperatures were just below freezing, mild enough to be comfortable when walking and climbing the hill.

Dakota loves this area and eagerly chased Becka and her saucer down the hills and then bounded ahead of her back up the slope.

I am relieved that the season of busyness and overindulgence is over and that there is time once again to enjoy walks and outdoor activities. No, I didn't get on the sled because I didn't wish to crash with my camera. And I am not sure that bouncing along the ground on my middle-aged spine is such a good idea.

There are plenty of places where one can pay to enjoy winter sports such as arenas, ski hills and tube parks. But I doubt they are more fun than a quick slide down a snowy hill on a good sled.


  1. Looks like lots of fun!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I was just contemplating finding somewhere to snowshoe tomorrow (er, today), but it's past two o'clock PM now, and I probably won't be good for anything once I do go to sleep and wake up.

  3. Busyness and overindulgence... that about sums it up Ruth. I too, am glad it's all said and done! :c) What fun the two of them had in the snow.

  4. Now that brought back some great memories.

  5. I overindulged and happy that the busyness is over also.

    Perhaps the best fun I ever had was sledding. It's been years since I risked my life or my back like that :o)

    What fun!

  6. Ahhh--looks like fun, even with all the shoveling you have to do.
    What is it about some dogs and snow? Ours just LOVES snow--she becomes so animated when she goes walking in the snow.
    We've not had enough here to make sledding possible. I suspect you would be glad to send some of your snow our way.

  7. Ginger- I would prefer a warmer place, but you make your fun with what you have :-)

    AC- Hope you got our snowshoeing. We both have plenty of snow for that.

    Jayne- I always say I won't overindulge again, but it is hard to avoid at Christmas.

    Jean- And we continue to build memories...

    Mary- I would rather go sledding than go on a roller coaster. And I prefer walking to both options. I need to overindulge in exercise right now!

    KGMom- Our dog is like a puppy in the snow. We do have enough snow to share with you.

  8. I haven't gone sledding for a long time but I still wouldn't mind-looks like lots of fun!

  9. Larry- Go ahead a are much younger than me!


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