Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: My Garden


  1. I love the dog. He looks as if he's ready to come back inside. Enjoy the snow knowing you don't have to get out in it.

  2. The look on the dog's face says it all!

  3. Oooh. It looks cold! We're headed out into fog for our Thanksgiving travel....

  4. Less said so much more Ruth.....two lovely photographs.....and who is that handsome dog in the second one??

    You sure have a lot of snow.....I expect you have a lot more to come....

  5. NCMW- It has snowed every day for a week! and continues to do so today.

    CS- He is giving me that look because I am calling him in. He loves winter. He will come in if I say "towel" because he loves being towelled dry.

    Ginger- A safe trip for you! I don't like driving in fog.

    Cheryl- ...our senior dog, Dakota on our back deck on squirrel patrol. The birds love him as he will not let a squirrel in the yard when he is out.

  6. Great pictures! I love your dog and really like his name. I am happy to report we have no snow here but seeing yours makes me miss it some. I am sure we will get more than enough soon though.

    Keep warm and dry!

  7. I am SO jealous! Snow! And I thought you had mild winters. JEALOUS! No snow here. Mild temps, mid 50's. I am laughing thinking what your dog is thinking. LOL

  8. Oh and then I read your comments and read that he loves snow. None of my parents dogs love snow. Well, maybe for the first five minutes then they're done for the winter!

  9. Anonymous5:53 pm GMT-5

    Nice old fellow Dakota! It must be a lab Lexie likes the snow too but she loves to chase squirrels even more. She makes sure the squirrels don't eat up the bird seed off the feeders.

    Isn't scary to think we have all this snow alread and it isn't even December. What are the odds of having a white Christmas this year?

  10. Anonymous7:22 pm GMT-5

    The dog is so cute as is the snowman. Snowing here too...

  11. Kallen- We love or hate snow depending on what we need to do. It does brighten the day though.

    Julie- We have a few mild-ish winters in my memory, but we generally have good amounts of snow. We get lake effect snow from Lake Huron and get afternoon flurries many days until the lake freezes over.

    Cheryl D- Good for Lexie. Dogs are such loyal companions. It is hard to believe this is only November. Maybe spring will come in March!

    RW- You are in a lake effect area too...lots of snow.


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