Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Flowers: Trilliums and More

Each year I make sure I get to Steckle Woods to see the early May wildflowers. This woodlot is only five minutes from home by car and has a lovely network of trails. White Trilliums carpet the ground as far as the eye can see and many other wildflowers bloom as well.

I have almost completed three years of blogging and am approaching my 800th post. I started blogging to keep in touch with family and friends and also as a way to improve my writing skills. I did not have a good camera at first and could not rely on pictures to tell my stories. As I started taking more photos, the focus changed to images rather than words. I am a visual learner and like books with illustrations.

When I was off work for several weeks last winter, I started entering some weekly photo memes. These generated huge numbers of comments from others who registered their blogs on the same memes. I met some new bloggers who I enjoy visiting regularly through these memes like Esther, Gaelyn, Janie, Deborah, Carolyn and Antogoni, but there was no way I could keep up with all the bloggers on Skywatch and My World. Large blogrolls are time consuming and once I returned to work, it was impossible to write well and read and comment on dozens of blogs.

I will continue to report on my day to day life and birding, but I do want to make sure I also focus on reflecting and writing well about topics that are very meaningful to me.


  1. What a good idea. Your posts are very thought provoking and do convey who you are--or at least I feel like I know you as a thoughtful, spiritual, family-oriented, intelligent woman with a subtle sense of humor. I'll enjoy The Best of Body Soul and Spirit.

  2. Lovely shots of the trillium, one of my favorite wildflowers. I'll check in on the "best of."

  3. I am very much enjoying the photos and your comments about them.The red Trillium is exceptionally beautiful.

  4. I love Trilliums.....I have tried to grow them here but all I get are the leaves....none have ever bloomed sadly.

    I think that your writings are beautiful and often thought provoking. I always enjoy them........

  5. How interesting to read your thoughts on blogging and your life, interests and talents. I enjoy your blog very much, and always take away some treasure when I visit! I've only been blogging since last July, and reading your posts here today has given me the idea to think about some things I might have missed otherwise.

    Red trillium? Wow, I had no idea!!

  6. I take my hat off to you. You really are a deep thinker. You go below the surface to find out what meaning life has to offer you.
    (I'm not expressing myself very well, but I think you know what I'm getting at).

    Going through all your blog posts must have taken a lot of time. But will prove fruitful in the end.

    I agree - going through tons of blogs takes up so much time. And there are so many good blogs. It's hard to pick and choose.

    Your maroon trillium is beautiful. I think those are special, as there are so many white ones and not as many of the dark variety.

  7. Absolutely love the red trillium, I've only seen white and pink.

    Know what you mean about time to write and read now that I'm back to work.

    800 posts, Wow, you do very well. I so enjoy reading your blog.

  8. That red trillium is stunning. It's so amazing what we can find just outside our front door.

    It was a year ago this week that I started reading your blog. The countless stories, events, facts, tales and laughter you have brought to me (and all your readers) is unbelievable. You are a beautiful, inspirational and caring writer, which you are kind enough to share with us. I have enjoy each post and will continue.

  9. Great idea to have a separate sight with your fav posts.

    I know what you mean about skywatch and such...I love doing it..because I love watching the sky..but it becomes a burden sometimes.

    I have an enormous blogroll that seems to grow daily...
    being a traveler I have met so many people that I have or will eventually Bird or Hike with..How cool is that...

    I dont always get to read all the posts by a blogger..but i drop in now and again..sometimes I comment..sometimes not.

    I think with blogging it is important to be true to yourself..and show what brings you most joy..

  10. Thank you for all the very kind comments. My readers and other bloggers are a great inspiration to me. And I value the friendships I have made through blogging.

  11. The red trillium is absolutely gorgeous!!!! How lucky you are


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