Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gardening at Four O'Clock

The weather has warmed up considerably since the weekend, so I went out to my garden to assess the damage from the first light freeze. I have very few annuals, but had to remove the soggy stems of the fragile and frozen impatiens plants from the pots on the deck. The geraniums have survived thus far. The weight of the snow flattened the peony foliage and the large leaves of the rhubarb plants had collapsed under the heavy ice. The ferns have retreated to the soil and the hosta leaves are yellowed and rotting. I popped the last of the frozen raspberries in my mouth. But much remains, and I hope that I will be harvesting from the garden until December.
Arugula, planted in late July, has never tasted better as it grows in an old car tire. I love mixing the peppery leaves in with other greens, or steaming them lightly with some pasta.

Sage, thyme, oregano and parsley scorn the frost and will provide flavour to our meals for weeks to come.

Lavender flourishes beside the Autumn Joy sedum.

Red leaves of the primrose contrast with the orange of the chrysanthemums

I pick a bouquet to brighten a table indoors.


  1. .....there's a bouquet in the house? :P

  2. Anonymous3:45 pm GMT-4

    Sounds like your garden did well considering the early blast of winter.

  3. I have tried to grow a variety of plants in my garden so I can enjoy it from early spring until late fall. I love puttering around and getting my hands dirty!
    ...and the bouquet has been seen by all in the house now (come out of your room, Becka!)

  4. ...no no, I haven't been hiding in my room! I've been living downstairs (which would possibly expalin why I missed that bouquet, since it's upstairs...excuses, excuses).


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